A Full-size Look at the Magnificent World of Microcars A Full-size Look at the Magnificent World of Microcars

Small Vintage Cars Become Popular Marks for Exotic Car Collectors

When it comes to car aficionados, there are a lot of reasons why collectors gravitate toward specific models. Sometimes it’s about the muscle; hearing the roar of an old engine can produce chills for nearly any enthusiast. The search for the ultimate collectible can also be about nostalgia, with many cars coming to represent specific eras. Sometimes, car aficionados are just looking for something a little bit strange. Vintage microcars appeal to the last two types of collectors, offering a look back at post-war Europe while offering a unique take on the typical car collection.

Set Your House Apart with Custom Crafted Home Interior Finishes  Set Your House Apart with Custom Crafted Home Interior Finishes

See the Steps Specialists Take to Blend Technology and Aesthetics

For a truly cohesive design in your luxury home you need to take each detail into account. It’s easy to get lost in the bigger choices—finding the right vintage furniture or artwork—and forget about the small details that can make a one-of-a-kind space. Mismatched light switches or a stack of remotes on the coffee table can ruin an otherwise perfect layout. The right home interior finishes can help you create a streamlined décor that fits your unique style through flush-mounted solutions. Read on to see how these solutions can be implemented throughout your Indianapolis, IN home.

Motorized Shades for Your Whole Home Motorized Shades for Your Whole Home

Get Smart Blinds that Add Comfort and Style

Here in San Francisco, CA, we pride ourselves on having the most modern and eco-friendly products. While you’re waiting in line for the latest Apple design or switching out all your incandescent bulbs for LEDs, consider your window dressings. If your blinds or shades aren’t automated, then you have the opportunity for even more improvement. Adding motorized shades to your home can minimize your overall energy use and maximize your home’s comfort and style. Since different rooms have different requirements, read on to learn how motorized blinds and shades can meet these needs.

5 Tips for Designing a Multipurpose Media Room 5 Tips for Designing a Multipurpose Media Room

Create the Perfect Space for Your Favorite Activities

Media rooms are an excellent way to give an underutilized space a meaning and purpose. However, properly designing a media room poses a challenge for many homeowners. After all, a media room isn’t quite a home theater. Yet it still requires many of the same features as a custom theater in order to provide a quality movie-watching experience while simultaneously remaining open and ready for other uses.

Hide the Speakers, Not the Sound Hide the Speakers, Not the Sound

Hidden Speakers Blend with Your Home’s Décor

If you’re considering adding a complete audio system to your Cherry Hill, NJ home, don’t let concern over how the speakers will affect your space stop you. If you are working with an interior designer, they will tell you that speakers are best heard and not seen. When you hide your speakers, you preserve the exquisite style of your home’s design without having to sacrifice sound quality. There are many methods to obscure your speakers or make them virtually invisible, read on to learn which method will work best for you and your audio system.

A Look for Any Occasion: Matching Your TV to Your Preferred Style A Look for Any Occasion: Matching Your TV to Your Preferred Style

From Rustic to Modern, Hidden TVs Blend with Your Interior Design

As you plan out the interior design for your Dallas, TX luxury home, you’ll have to strike a balance between your personal style and your favorite entertainment. Designers have to find a way to make your speakers, televisions and AV equipment---including cable boxes, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles—blend with your décor. A popular approach is the installation of hidden TVs through the use of specialty mounts, custom cabinetry or mirror TVs. In this article, we help you figure out which of these options is the best fit for you.

Get Perfectly Lit Outdoor Spaces Get Perfectly Lit Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy the Houston Fall Weather with Outdoor Lighting

The weather is finally turning in Houston, TX from the hot summer months to the lovely, cooler temperatures of fall and winter. While the rest of the country moves inside, it’s time for you to prepare your outdoor entertaining space. Adding home lighting automation to your outdoor environment is the best way to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the weather throughout the evenings, even as the hours of sunlight in a day wane. The right lighting will set the stage for the perfect outdoor entertainment space that can include outdoor televisions and audio systems. So whether you’re planning on having family and friends over to watch a football game or spending a weekend evening with your family, read on to see how outdoor lighting automation can provide a breath of fresh air.

For Wireless Audio, Choose the Professional Touch For Wireless Audio, Choose the Professional Touch

High-End Wireless Audio Installation Raises the Standard for Music Enjoyment

Wireless audio systems have come a long way in the last decade. Instead of bulky, unreliable devices, you can now get an elegant system that provides high-fidelity music at the push of a button. Many homeowners opt for a “plug and play” system that gives instant access to music. However, if you want to go beyond basic capabilities and create a listening environment perfectly suited to your home’s acoustics and décor, then a professional installation is the way to go. Keep reading to learn how a professional audio installation goes above and beyond for luxury homes in the Baltimore, MD area.

Let Us Be Your Home Theater Design Consultant Let Us Be Your Home Theater Design Consultant

3 Elements to Consider Before You Invest in a Private Cinema

A home theater is more than a windowless room with plush seating, loads of technology and a large screen at the front. Designing a theater offers the Minneapolis homeowner a unique opportunity to create a space that reflects their personal style, a particular hobby, or highlights their favorite sports memorabilia. Whether you plan to watch sitcoms, sporting events, or blockbuster movies, there are a number of factors you ought to consider before hiring a professional integrator to build your dream theater. If you’re like most homeowners, technology is the first consideration that comes to mind and while this is certainly important, we chose to highlight a few other factors that will dramatically impact your theater experience.

Increase Your Property Value with Smart Home Automation Increase Your Property Value with Smart Home Automation

Prospective Buyers Will Prefer Homes With Smart Technology Solutions

Beyond the benefits a smart home automation system can bring to your daily life, it can also make it easier to sell your home in the future. A recent study done by Coldwell Banker showed that 81 percent of current smart home owners would be more willing to purchase a home if it already had a technology solution in place. Even those without smart technology experience will get a better first impression once they get to test drive a system. Read on to find out how the right solution can boost the property value of your Mission Viejo, CA home.

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