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Enjoy music and entertainment across your outdoor spaces or bring a world-class golf course to your spare rooms. Sometimes you want to get the indoors outside and the outside indoors. Download our Solution Guide to learn more.
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Enjoy your great outdoors.

Create a seamless entertainment experience indoors and out with technology solutions for your outdoor dining areas, pool and spa, and patios. Outdoor smart home technologies give you weatherproof functionality with all of the performance and concealability of your indoor smart home tech.

Bring the music outside with satellite all-terrain speakers and buried subwoofers. Enjoy the game or a movie outside with full sun ultrabright and waterproof televisions, and keep all of your outdoor entertaining spaces comfortable with automated outdoor shading and high durability fabrics. Your BRAVAS Integrator will work with your landscape designer and architect to create the perfect technology solutions and customized controls to make your outdoor space an oasis.

BRAVAS outdoor entertainment Solutions

Create an outdoor space with TVs and speakers built into your entertainment areas and protected from the elements.
Mount full shade or partial shade TVs for better picture quality, and all terrain subwoofers and speakers for great sound that maintains the design of your space.
Pair full sun, ultrabright, and waterproof TVs with subterranean speakers and buried subwoofers for the highest quality outdoor entertainment experience. Consider customized outdoor shading options for comfort and even better picture quality.
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Fore the love of the game.

Shave strokes off your game with a customized golf simulator. Host your golf buddies for endless rounds at the world’s most prestigious courses from the comfort of your home.

Commit to the game and design a room dedicated to golf. Recreate every facet of the game with a motion swing plate to match the angles of hills, high speed cameras to track your balls and analyze your swing, and the ultimate luxury: auto-tee. BRAVAS will work with your team to engineer a space with the right clearance, screens, and concealed technology to make your golf dreams come true.

BRAVAS golf simulators Solutions

Combine interior design and technology integration to create a high end sports venue experience in a dedicated room in your home.
Set up high speed cameras that measure and analyze your swing and track balls mid flight for the most accurate recreation of the Golf Channel experience.
Install the same kind of simulator used by top PGA golfers in their own homes, complete with infrared technology and high speed cameras for the most accurate ball flight, virtual greens, and auto tee.
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