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Home technology systems experience the occasional disruption. On-site service calls for basic issues can be inconvenient and costly. Whether it’s an Apple TV that needs to be re-set, a network connectivity issue, or a client simply has a question about their system, BRAVAS strives to keep things simple.
24/7/365 Remote Support
Managed Power & Network Infrastructure
Secure Remote Access
Proactive Remote Monitoring

Support When You Need It

Homeowners depend more on technology than ever before. Today’s connected systems like security and surveillance, lighting and climate control, and data and Wi-Fi networks are mission-critical to everyday life. When questions or problems arise, homeowners need a quick and consistent response that only a dedicated support team can provide.

BRAVAS’ 24/7/365 Remote Support team give clients a direct line to experienced network and smart home technology professionals that are waiting to help.

BRAVAS Remote Systems Management Solutions

Complex home technology systems experience occasional disruptions. Resetting a device can frequently resolves common problems. Install IP controllable power products and RSM tools. These devices enable your home technology partner to quickly diagnose problems, check network connections (both within your home and from your internet service provider), and reboot problematic devices without the need to schedule on-site service.
Life doesn’t just happen from 9-5. In fact, much of the technology in your home will be used most during evenings and weekends. Ensure that help is there when you need it. All premium BRAVAS Support plans include complementary 24/7/365 remote support. If you have trouble with your system - day or night - our dedicated support team will begin troubleshooting in 15 minutes or less. Guaranteed.
Employ BRAVAS to proactively monitor the health and performance of your system. Our support team is notified in real time as soon as your system’s remote management tools detect an issue. We begin the troubleshooting process proactively, and in many cases resolve issues before you even realize that a problem has occurred. If we are unable to resolve a problem remotely, priority advanced support is available for programming and on-site service. Priority advanced support sends you straight to the front of our service queue, offers evening and weekend availability for on-site service, and guarantees same-day or next-day scheduling for urgent issues.

Take control of your technology experience

Just like your computer or smart phone need the occasional reboot to maintain peak performance, the connected devices in your home need to be occasionally reset in order to keep them functioning as they should. Simply powering off a device and allowing processes programs to relaunch can often resolve many of the common issues that clients have with their home technology.

Designing smart power and network devices into your system enable your home technology professional to manage individual outlets or ethernet ports throughout your home. When issues occur and basic resets are required, BRAVAS can troubleshoot problematic devices quickly and conveniently, without the need to enter your home.

These remote troubleshooting tools offer a much more elegant solution than “unplug it and plug it back in."

Troubleshoot with confidence

From analyzing diagnostic data, to advanced troubleshooting and programming, remote systems management tools provide a secure and convenient way to get the service and support you need, without having a technician on-site.

Enterprise-grade IT tools and security protocols give BRAVAS the ability to make settings adjustment, update software, and give clients the peace of mind of knowing that their systems, information, and homes remain secure.

Resolutions in Real-Time

Proactive remote monitoring services maximize uptime and ensure the fastest possible resolution of issues. Monitoring tools check for network connectivity issues, problems with you internet service provider, and the health and status of your system and connected devices.

When problems arise, your home technology manager is immediately alerted and proactively starts the troubleshooting process. In many cases, issues are resolved before homeowners ever know they occurred. If further support is necessary, your service provider will reach out to you to get things back online- not the other way around

A White-Glove Support Experience

At BRAVAS we believe that the end of a project is just the beginning of your home technology experience. Whether you require standard business hours support, on-site support, direct access to our help desk, or proactive remote systems monitoring and management, we have a plan for every client.

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