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A beautiful place to live is so much more than a home's structure. Light, sound, and even climate can have a considerable effect, and let us not forget a happy home is also a healthy home. Download our Solution Guide to learn more.
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Light up your life.

Experience your home in the best light with smart fixtures and lighting control systems that enhance everything from your interior design and artwork to your eyesight and mood. BRAVAS lighting control and performance ensures the perfect brightness, temperature, saturation, and mood lighting throughout the day in every room of your house.

Design your home with high performance LEDs that have the ability to dim to 1% without buzzing. Bring out the color in your art and interior design with High Color Renderings Index (CRI) lights. Add accent and under-cabinet fixtures for an added sense of depth and mood, and decorative lighting to highlight architectural pieces and artwork. BRAVAS’ human-centric lighting design puts all of the people and things that you love into their best light.

BRAVAS Lighting Solutions

Choose high performance LED lights or easily retrofit your existing traditional incandescent lamps, and install intuitive lighting controls in each room — or control every light in the house with a built in central control system.
Utilize decorative lighting and a built in central control system to highlight interior design features, add accent lighting and undercabinet light fixtures for depth and drama, and highlight your artwork with color temperature matched LEDs.
Design and automate human-centric lighting with an intuitive control system that adjusts to your lifestyle throughout your day.
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Open windows of opportunity.

Good design allows for rooms with a lot of natural light. Great design treats windows as opportunities to control, filter, and integrate natural light into the look, feel, and experience of your home throughout the day and night.

Treat your windows and skylights with shades, blinds, drapes, and shutters that transition throughout the day to create the perfect ambiance in every room. Create drama with synchronized, near silent rollers and beautiful performance using custom fabrics. Incorporate elements like pockets, valances, and concealment to enhance your interior design, and pull it all together with a built-in customized control system. BRAVAS works with designers and architects to design and install the treatments and technology you need to take full advantage of the beautiful windows in your home.

BRAVAS window treatment Solutions

Install motorized shades controlled by handheld remotes that are more convenient than manual shades and allow for easy control of natural light.
Integrate shades with intelligent timers that allow them to move throughout the day, improving the light within your home automatically.
Incorporate custom concealed shades into your home design, allowing BRAVAS to build intelligent schedules that consider your daily routine, the position of the sun, and whether you are home or away.
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Thrive in your perfect climate.

Make yourself comfortable with a centralized climate control system to ensure the perfect temperature and humidity in every zone of your home. Climate design is an essential factor in creating an optimal environment for healthy, happy living.

Create zones with wireless remote sensors and smart thermostats that can average temperatures across rooms or adjust for specific rooms as needed. In a large home with multiple zones, a centralized control system can combine your HVAC systems with your blinds, vents, and fans to fully automate your home’s climate control and provide significant energy savings. BRAVAS climate designers work with architects and builders to plan zones and build in systems of climate control to make your home environment perfectly comfortable for you.

BRAVAS Climate Control Solutions

Place smart thermostats in every room.
Install smart thermostats and sensors throughout your home, particularly in large rooms.
Design a central control system that connects your blinds, fans, and HVAC systems together to automatically and efficiently manage the temperature in your home.
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Breathe easy.

Breathe pristine air at home with technology and control systems that monitor air quality and filter out odors, pollutants, and microparticles. Designing a home for your best lifestyle means controlling your climate to optimize both comfort and health.

Design your home environment with air quality in mind. Control more than just your climate with multiple zone monitoring and high quality filters to ensure your home is free from dust, pollen, mold spores, smoke, and other dangerous respiratory irritants. BRAVAS helps you choose the right air quality solutions for every room, so you can breathe easy at home.


Install industrial grade filters to your home’s air conditioning system.
Monitor and manage indoor air quality, room to room.
Monitor and manage multiple zones indoors as well as outdoor air quality from a central control system.
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Drink in the good life.

You are what you drink (literally, the human body is more than 60% water), so make sure your home’s water is pure and fresh out of every faucet. Proper water quality monitoring and management takes more than a filter in your fridge. Removing chemicals and heavy metals from your water has significant effects on your health and the taste of your drinking water, tea, coffee, and cooking.

Install high performance filters throughout your house and at each drinking water location. Then set it and forget it with a central control system that alerts you when filters need to be changed. BRAVAS will help you choose the right clean water technology and work with your builders to ensure that your home has the right capacity and the highest quality drinking water.

BRAVAS water quality Solutions

Include a high quality water filtration system into the design and build of your home.
Add monitoring sensors that alert you automatically when your filters need changing.
Install a home automation system that monitors and manages water quality at every tap.
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Sound off.

Experience the glorious sound of silence. Great home acoustics come from selecting and installing the right sound absorbing materials to provide a barrier to unwanted outside noise pollutants and contain audio experiences to the rooms you want them.

Soundproof your home from the inside out. The right mix of invisible and visible sound proofing solutions in and on your walls, doors, and ceilings turns a home into a space for deep relaxation and maximum enjoyment of music and movies. BRAVAS partners with architects and builders to select and install the right sound dampening technology throughout your home.

BRAVAS acoustics Solutions

Your builder can help you choose the right sound dampening and insulation materials for your new home.
Use visible and invisible technologies to customize a room for specific purposes, like listening to music.
Ensure consistency with visible and invisible technologies throughout your house and fine tuning in every room for their specific purposes.
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Work smarter.

Excel at what you do best in a home office designed to optimize your productivity, performance, and comfort. Embrace the fact that your office doubles as your video conference studio and get set up with the perfect lighting and technology to do your best work.

Design your ideal home office with high definition monitors, video conferencing, audio equipment and lighting, and soundproofing materials for your internal walls. Your BRAVAS smart home technology integrator will work with you to choose and install the perfect mix of monitors, cameras, microphones, speakers, and lighting to create your perfect working environment.

BRAVAS home office Solutions

Warm up your space with high quality LEDs, and ensure the strongest possible internet connection with a wired network or wireless booster.
Install multiple large, high definition screens to spread out your computer display and enhance video conferencing.
Install remote cameras and microphones for a more polished videoconferencing studio and soundproof interior walls for privacy.
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