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Power is the lifeblood of every smart home and the delicate systems that run it. Getting stable, clean, and reliable energy can make all the difference. Download our Solution Guide to learn more.
Power Conditioning
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Perfect your power.

Power your expensive, high performance devices with a clean, controlled stream of power. Control is in your hands with a system designed to protect select devices or wired to provide perfect power conditioning for your entire home.

Consider which devices, equipment, and appliances need protecting and work with your BRAVAS integrator to choose the right system for you. Power conditioning systems vary in function and size, from simple devices for voltage regulation to power quality control systems for your home. Your BRAVAS integrator will work with your team to determine the perfect power conditioning system for you.

Read more about Power Conditioning here.

BRAVAS power conditioning Solutions

Protect high performance devices with simple surge protection and voltage conditioning at their power sources.
Install multiple 20 amp rated power conditioning isolation transformers for rooms with specialized equipment and devices.
Isolate and service all electrical panels with Uninterrupted Power Supply Products (UPS) to protect AV, lighting, critical appliances, and sensitive electronic equipment throughout your home.
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Protect from power surges.

Hardwire your home for peak performance, and protect all of your electronics with advanced surge protection. Live stress free from power surges, spikes, or even lighting strikes with a surge protection system designed for your home.

Protect your devices and digital systems with surge protection built in to your home. From simple surge protectors at outlets to a comprehensive surge protection system for your entire property, your BRAVAS integrator will work with you to install the right system for your unique needs.

BRAVAS surge protection Solutions

Ensure that all of your most valuable devices plug into individual surge protectors.
Install surge protection on your home’s electrical panels to protect against damage caused by surges on the power grid.
Take a comprehensive approach to surge protection with devices installed on every cable and wire going in and out of the house.
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Keep the lights on.

Keep your home and your life running through storms and blackouts with reliable backup power. Treat the smart technology in your home as critical infrastructure, and ensure you have systems in place to maintain operation in all conditions.

Customize your backup power systems to your home and property. Your BRAVAS integrator will help you choose the right mix of generators, solar power systems and home batteries to keep all of your electronics, appliances and networked devices working.

BRAVAS backup + emergency power Solutions

Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) and an external power generator programmed to kick in automatically and maintain constant electrical supply to your home.
Expand your Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) system to include solar panels and home batteries to maintain power throughout extended blackouts or service disruptions.
Design a micro grid for your home with generators, solar power and home batteries that can maintain, create, and even sell excess power capacity back to the power company’s electrical grid.
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Get on your own grid.

Ensure all of your electrical devices play well together and never lose power. High powered electronics and even your backup power sources can interfere with your home’s voltage and disrupt critical systems.

Build your home on an electrical grid that’s monitored and managed for constant, uninterrupted performance of all of your smart technology. BRAVAS works with builders and architects to ensure that the right systems are in place to ensure full functionality of all of your electronics with no interference.

BRAVAS backup + emergency power Solutions

Connect critical devices to a power conditioner and controller to safeguard against surges, malfunctions, and lockups.
Install power conditioning devices to your electrical branch circuits to protect lighting, gaming systems, specialized audio systems, and other devices throughout your home.
Design a dedicated microgrid for your home with robust surge protection, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), generators, and home batteries.
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