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Sound and video are more a part of our lives than ever before. Getting this right changes the way we all live, learn, and entertain ourselves. Download our Solution Guide to learn more.
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High Performance Audio
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Turn it up.

Enjoy your favorite music throughout your home with hidden speakers and built-in sound systems. Set the tone or start the party with the ultimate mix of speakers, amplifiers, and sources strategically chosen and placed for perfect balance and maximum impact.

Design sound zones around the rooms and outdoor spaces you use to relax, listen to music, and entertain. Your BRAVAS Integrator will work with your interior designer to source and install your new sound system and fill your home with the music you love.

BRAVAS music Solutions

Hardwire multiple sound zones to a single hub that connects to your music sources.
Connect speakers and sound through WiFi and enjoy different streaming solutions for each music zone in your home.
Plug in high performance speakers and wire each zone for sound to a network backbone that provides music across your network.
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Live the high def life.

Watch TV in crystal clear 8K from any room in your home - even hidden in your bathroom mirror - with a home entertainment system designed for luxury living.

Complement your interior with the highest quality flat screens brilliantly placed and concealed throughout your home. Your BRAVAS Integrator will work with your team to ensure your home is wired and powered to support the increasing demands of high speed cable, streaming, and WiFi for a perfect picture in every room.

BRAVAS television Solutions

Install all of your televisions and media devices, connect to your homes wired or wireless network, and conceal all cables in the design of each room.
Design a hidden central hub for all of your TV sources that are controlled by remotes in each room or a customized home automation system.
Create a high speed local network and connect software that allows you to watch the same content in multiple rooms in your house and tile content across one or more TVs so you can watch multiple sports or news channels at once.
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Build a blockbuster private cinema.

Bring the big screen movie theater experience to life with the ultimate, purpose-built home theater system. Create the look and feel of the movies in your luxury home with a customized selection of technology and furniture designed for your space.

Go big and keep it simple with the best AV technology paired with an ingenious, easy-to-use control system. Your BRAVAS Integrators are home theater experts and will help you design and build a big screen, surround sound movie experience with the right mix of screens, projectors, and multi-channel audio — we’ve even got you covered with plush theater seating and popcorn machines.

BRAVAS private cinema Solutions

Start with a screen that’s at least 75” and a multi-channel audio system with speakers, then connect it all to a home automation system, including lighting control.
Get the brightest possible picture and big sound, install a projector and specialized screen on walls fitted with acoustical treatments to block outside noise, and deploy a more sophisticated audio setup with 7.1 or ATMOS processing.
Customize the design of your room to create the full movie theater experience with a 4K+ laser projector, an ambient light-rejecting screen, and high end speakers to maximize 11.1 ATMOS or Dolby sound processing.
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Game on.

Build your dream media room with a layout designed for entertaining and multiple screens networked together throughout. Make your house the place to be with a space purpose-built for social gathering.

Entertain your friends and family in a media room where every seat has a great view of the big game. BRAVAS has helped build some incredible media rooms. We'll work with your team to bring your vision to life with all the right technology. From tiling across multiple TVs to concealed high performance audio to a custom designed control system, we can put the world of entertainment into the palm of your hand.

BRAVAS media room & gaming Solutions

Select large, flatscreen TVs and a multichannel audio system with speakers, and connect it all to your home automation system.
Install multiple large screen TVs and speakers throughout the room with custom seating and sound design.
Tile content from multiple sources across your screens and choose from high performance audio options that optimize sounds across the room and compensate for seating and furniture layout.
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Get high fidelity.

Create the ultimate listening room for fully enjoying every frequency and nuance of the music you love. Open up the full potential of your sound system in a space specifically designed for fully immersive audio.

Take music appreciation to the next level with the right mix of speakers, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and power sources in a space designed to maximize the impact and enjoyment of your music. High performance audio is extremely subjective, and your BRAVAS Integrator will work with you and your team to select the right tech, conceal all of the cables, and create a beautiful space for intimate listening experiences.

BRAVAS high performance audio Solutions

Fill any room with sound using simple, strategically placed, compact speakers.
Use high performance bookshelves or small floor standing speakers with an accurate subwoofer. Choose the right amps and preamps to match specialized audio sources, like record players, and wire everything up with high quality cables to reduce electrical interference.
Showcase high design, full range large floor standing speakers with multiple subwoofers, and use designer acoustic treatments in your interior design to add ambiance. Ensure you’re getting the highest quality sound with higher end amps and preamps and digital to analog converters, and protect your equipment with power filtration and conditioning.
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See what you want to see.

Let the beauty of your interior design shine with clever concealment solutions for your home technology. Form and function come together with solutions like motorized mounts and pop-up lifts for screens, hidden mirror TVs, in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers, and even motorized artwork. BRAVAS Integrators partner with designers, architects, and builders to ensure that your high performance home technology only ever complements the beauty of your home.
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