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BRAVAS Podcast 42:

Window Treatment Essentials.

In this podcast, we have a comprehensive discussion about window treatments with Dax Pineda (BRAVAS Kansas City) and Jose Saavedra (BRAVAS Indianapolis).

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BRAVAS Podcast 41:

Acoustics & Sound Considerations with Artnovion.

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we have a chat with Nina Clarkson-Valdivia from Origin Acoustics and Artnovion. We discuss what elements to consider when designing the sound in a theater or any other space in a luxury home. For more information on Artnovion, visit:

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BRAVAS Podcast 40:

Powering Your Home and Sustainable Future with Savant Power.

In this episode, we talk with Blair Piersall and Ian Roberts of Savant Systems and have a significant and timely conversation about powering your home with smart energy. We discuss ways to manage and store power at home to move towards a more energy independent future.

Find out more by visiting

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BRAVAS Podcast 39:

Creating the Perfect Home Theater

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we talk to Marc Schnoll - Product Specialist from Sonance. We discuss room requirements and all the elements that go into make a great dedicated home theater.

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BRAVAS Podcast 38:

From Boardroom to Bedroom - Virtual Production & Rocket Launches from Home.

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we talk to John Pretto and Keenan Campbell from Oh-Space. We discuss how a daily Zoom meeting between a group of professionals from around the world turned into a collaborative project to launch a rocket. Using in person and remote colleagues, the launch will be streamed live on March 19th on

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BRAVAS Podcast 37:

Yates Desygn Firm on Kips Bay & Working with Interior Designers in Your Own Home

In this podcast from BRAVAS we talk with Bryan and Mike Yates from Yates Desygn Firm in Dallas, TX. We discuss their recent installation in the 2021 Kips Bay Show House and the design elements, challenges, and process of creating a modern speakeasy. We also talk about the benefits of working with an interior designer in your own home.
For a virtual tour of Kips Bay Dallas Show Home click here

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BRAVAS Podcast 36:

How to Select the Right Control System

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we talk to our own team members - Jason Roberts from Boca Raton and Caleb Rydbeck from Dallas-Fort Worth about Whole-Home Control Systems. We discuss why clients should use them and tips on how to choose the right system.

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BRAVAS Podcast 35:

Why the Right Network Makes all the Difference to your Luxury Home

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we talk to Ben Jurow from Access Networks. We find out how enterprise class networks work in luxury homes, and why adding a robust home network is essential for modern smart home technology.

Posted in Network Management & Reliability, Enterprise Class Networks, Reliability


BRAVAS Podcast 34:

Smart Homes from a Builder’s perspective.

In this podcast we talk to Ben Foster - Director of Operations from Sebastian Construction Group in Houston, TX. We discuss the changes we’ve seen in home technology, the future of smart homes, and how best to plan (and when to plan) for custom technology in the home.

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BRAVAS Podcast 33:

5 Mistakes People Make when Planning their Smart Home.

IIf you're thinking about creating a smart home, this is the podcast for you! We talk to System Designers Bryna Owens and Rob Carpenter from the BRAVAS Design & Engineering team. We discuss the mistakes people typically make during the planning phase that may cost you more in the long run and ways to avoid them.

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