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Why Your Flat Screen TV Needs a Soundbar

It's no secret that the speakers built into your flat-screen TV leave much to be desired in terms of sound quality. Join the BRAVAS team as we delve into the world of soundbars, ranging from the simplest solutions to custom-built soundbars that blend into the TV or your home decor. We'll help you discover why a soundbar is not just a luxury but a necessity for any modern home. If you have questions about soundbars or want to improve your experience at home, Contact BRAVAS today.

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What is the Best Way to Watch Movies at Home?

Streaming movies through AppleTV is convenient, but have you considered the quality of the content? Join our team as we discuss premium movie sources and how services like Kaleidescape can enhance your movie-watching experience.

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Back in The Groove - The Resurgence of Vinyl & 2-Channel Audio

Join Nigel, Keith, and James Westbrook (CEO of Smart Spaces and The Groove) as they discuss the resurgence of vinyl and 2-channel audio. Whether you're a vinyl aficionado or a newcomer to the world of high-fidelity sound, join us for this quick clicks chat where nostalgia meets cutting-edge technology.

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Quick Clicks: Taming App Overload with a Smart Control System

Quick Clicks: Taming App Overload with a Smart Control System

Are you overwhelmed by too many apps? This chat is perfect for you! Our team talks about the advantages of whole home control systems that can make managing your home technology easier, more accessible remotely, and much more intuitive.

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Quick Clicks: Getting Your Music Everywhere

In this conversation, we discuss the advantages of having built-in ceiling speakers and how they blend seamlessly with a home's aesthetics, providing an ideal auditory experience. With music streaming services like Sonos and Spotify, people now have access to their favorite songs, and having speakers in every room amplifies the emotional and immersive sound experience.

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Quick Clicks: Can ChatGPT run your home?

Can ChatGPT Run Your Home?

In this Quick Clicks chat, we talk with Alex Capecelatro, Co-founder and CEO of Our discussion revolves around the progress of ChatGPT and the potential of voice assistant technology to manage our home devices in the future.

Here are some examples of and ChatGPT integration.

ChatGPT and – Advanced Home AI

Art with ChatGPT +

Google vs ChatGPT

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Quick Clicks: Should you "Cut the Cord" in 2023?

Quick Clicks: Should you "Cut the Cord" in 2023?

The concept of "cutting the cord" has gained popularity as more content becomes available on streaming platforms. In this video, our team discusses the benefits and drawbacks of abandoning cable service. What are the potential savings, and what potential issues could arise? Have a topic you'd like us to discuss? Send us a request in the chat or email

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BRAVAS Podcast 39:

Creating the Perfect Home Theater

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we talk to Marc Schnoll - Product Specialist from Sonance. We discuss room requirements and all the elements that go into make a great dedicated home theater.

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BRAVAS Podcast 38:

From Boardroom to Bedroom - Virtual Production & Rocket Launches from Home.

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we talk to John Pretto and Keenan Campbell from Oh-Space. We discuss how a daily Zoom meeting between a group of professionals from around the world turned into a collaborative project to launch a rocket. Using in person and remote colleagues, the launch will be streamed live on March 19th on

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BRAVAS Podcast 31:

How Much Does Home Automation Actually Cost?

In this episode we talk with Daniel Mikesell from BlackDove and discuss ways to turn your TV into a digital canvas. We also talk about Moving Art, Wellness Art, and how to watch NFT (non-fungible tokens) artwork on your digital screen.

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