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Smart People, Smart Homes


The A/V industry is made up of small companies with limited growth potential. At BRAVAS there are dozens of roles that simply don’t exist at other integration firms, and we have opportunities in dozens of cities nationwide. If you feel stuck where you are, reach out today to learn how you can build your career with BRAVAS.

At BRAVAS, we are always excited to meet new talent. Don't see your dream job listed?  Send us your resume. We’d still love to connect and explore opportunities!

The Best Benefits in the Industry

BRAVAS is a leading national technology integrator that provides Beautiful Places and Smart Spaces where their customers live, work, and play. Focused on the luxury market, BRAVAS completes more than 3,500 residential and commercial projects across the US every year. We sell and support everything from lighting, shades, and A/V to networking, security systems, and power management.
As the largest and only national luxury custom integrator in the market, BRAVAS works with our customers to ensure that technology complements and enhances any space, rather than distracts. Our scale affords our clients lifestyle technologies that fit their budgets and exceed their expectations. Our customers know that we can attract and retain the best talent, which gives us access to the expertise of more than 300 professionals who have earned hundreds of industry awards and certifications. Unlike almost anyone else in the market, BRAVAS has a unique ability to service your home throughout the US - whether you're building a vacation home or moving across the country.

As a Team Member, we believe you will see three key differences; we call them our A-B-C.

All In

The 'A' stands for 'all-in' and should be visible in our team. BRAVAS believes that Smart Homes are an inevitable part of the future of luxury living. As a leader, it is critical that we step up and define the industry, demonstrating the benchmark for customer expectation and experience. Our Team is excited to take on this challenge and lead the market.


The 'B' stands for 'benefits,' and we believe we have the best in the industry. At BRAVAS, we have looked around and studied both compensation and the benefits in our industry. As a team, we intend to offer the best employee compensation and benefits package in each of our markets.


The 'C' stands for 'careers,' and we can offer more choices and growth. At BRAVAS, as a national and growing team, you should see many opportunities for career growth. Growth may come from increased skills or even from the ability to change roles. We have even been able to help Team Members move across the country to support their family's needs.

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