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Smart Spaces

for Reliability

At the heart of every smart home is a rock-solid network. Picking the right technology and tools to achieve this can make all the difference. Download our Solution Guide to learn more.
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Build up your network.

Make your home truly smart with a network that connects and powers all of your home technology. Everything that does anything in your home is on a wired or wireless network, and when it all needs to work 100% all of the time, your local internet service provider’s equipment and wiring isn’t going to cut it.

Design your network for reliability, bandwidth and security. Ensure maximum uptime and minimal disruption for your WiFi network and all of your wired devices. Consider powering your lights, speakers, and other technology through internet Cat-6 lines rather than installing multiple types of cables. And most importantly, BRAVAS will make sure your WiFi is blazing fast and completely secure with more access points throughout your house and customized firewall protection.

BRAVAS network management + reliability Solutions

Set up a secure, simple-to-manage wireless network with additional access points for larger homes.
Manage both wired and wireless networks with a wireless controller, and increase coverage and speed with more access points and high performance networking devices.
Install a higher quality network design to run multiple types of data, video and audio within your home without disruption or interference.
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Keep your network secure.

Lock up your personal data at home with a network security system designed to keep you safe from attacks and spyware. BRAVAS goes above and beyond the simple security of basic routers with a sophisticated system that physically isolates network elements, protects them with next generation firewalls and parental controls, and offers 24/7 monitoring and support.

BRAVAS network security Solutions

Employ the limited security available on the router provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Choose from a selection of routers trusted by BRAVAS for security, reliability, and performance.
Set up a next generation firewall with real-time threat prevention and physical isolation of network elements for increased security and parental control.
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