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Who We Are

Who We Are

BRAVAS is a leading national technology integrator that provides Beautiful Places and Smart Spaces where our customers live, work, and play. Focused on the luxury market, BRAVAS completes more than 3,500 residential and commercial projects across the US every year. We sell and support everything from lighting, shades, and A/V to networking, security systems, and power management.

beautiful places. smart spaces.

BRAVAS Integrators work with home owners, designers, architects, and builders to build in seamless smart home technology to the next generation of luxury homes. How you live matters even more than where you live. Experience built-in bespoke home technology solutions designed to optimize your family’s health, enjoyment, and lifestyles.

live your best lifestyle.

Get the best sleep of your life with lighting and window solutions that deliver the perfect brightness, color, and saturation throughout the day and total restorative darkness at night.
Cut through the noise with sound damping interiors and the right mix of professionally designed audio systems.
Enhance your environment with pristine quality air, water, and climate control.
Spark joy by building in and hiding away devices and cables and designing your home around the people and activities that you love.

run on a single control system.

Managing smart home technology from dozens of apps on your phone isn’t very smart at all. BRAVAS creates home technology platforms that bring your home to life with streamlined automation and singular control.

build on a smart foundation.

Integrate smart home technology into the design and construction of your next luxury home. BRAVAS is here to help you make the right decisions about the technology infrastructure you need to build a home designed to inspire and enhance your life.

Our Leadership

Mark Goldman


About Mark

Mark Goldman is an Operating Partner at Presidio Investors and an accomplished media and technology executive.  Mark has founded multiple companies and held senior leadership positions with several multi-national corporations including Fox and Universal.  Mark also serves as the Chairman of Podium Entertainment and Reach Media Group.

Michael Lahr


About Michael
Michael has extensive experience in finance and operations and has successfully led or advised companies ranging from start-ups to publicly listed corporations. He has been Interim CFO of numerous private equity owned companies, is a former Managing Director at the Blackstone Group, and has significant M&A and capital raising experience gained at both Lazard and Chemical Bank. He is based in Austin, TX.
Josh Teitelman


VP of Solutions & Services
About Josh
Josh has had roles focused on creating high-performance service teams that drive revenue. His previous roles include Chief Customer Officer at HiredScore, Head of Customer Operations at Wellsmith, and GM of Commerce Solutions at Sprinklr. Josh lives with his family in Austin, Texas.
Jeff Halloran


VP of Operations
About Jeff
Jeff Halloran, former owner of Dallas-based Audio Video Innovations, stands as a cornerstone in the establishment of BRAVAS. Following the merger, he assumed the role of General Manager at BRAVAS DFW, where his leadership has been instrumental. Recently appointed as the Vice President of Operations for our national team, Jeff continues to exemplify excellence in ensuring unparalleled satisfaction for our clients and team members nationwide. Beyond his dedication to our mission, Jeff is likely spending time with his wife, Amber, and running around with their boys, Luke and Noah.
Gen Sullivan


Chief of Staff

About Gen
Gen has experience in a wide variety of many different businesses where she has played a significant role in enabling teams to be more effective. Prior to joining BRAVAS, Gen has been the Director of Strategic Initiatives - Ottobock North America, Director/Chief of Staff to the Chief Sales Officer - Advanced Micro Devices, and has held roles in Business Management, Program Management, and Customer Experience and Loyalty. As the Chief of Staff, Gen serves as a conduit for communication between functions to ensure the company's strategic goals are met; partnering with internal teams and stakeholders to ensure proper coordination toward the achievement of BRAVAS' strategic priorities.
Cassie Gillam


Deputy Chief of Staff

About Cassie

Cassie brings over 20 years of experience in Executive, Medical, and Legal support, honing her skills in process optimization, efficiency enhancement, and employee/client advocacy. With a Bachelor's from Missouri State University, she's held pivotal roles at Ewing Marion Kauffman School and West Tennessee Healthcare, alongside earlier positions in Family Law and Trauma Care. Joining BRAVAS in 2020 as an Executive Assistant, Cassie swiftly rose to Deputy Chief of Staff in 2024. In her current role, she acts as a crucial liaison, fostering client and employee relationships, advocating for policy alignment, and spearheading strategic initiatives to advance BRAVAS' goals with precision and dedication.

BRAVAS is expanding all the time.

BRAVAS was formed when 15 of the country’s best Custom Integrators joined together. As a company, we have dedicated ourselves to being recognized nationwide as the lifetime solutions partner for the ever-changing world of essential technologies for luxury homes that create beautiful places and smart spaces. As we expand our footprint across the USA, we are always looking to work with other Custom Integrators who want to be part of the team.

If you are interested in becoming part of the BRAVAS team, let us know.




What does smart home automation really mean?
Smart home automation involves using technology to control various systems and solutions across your home, such as lighting, shading, HVAC, security, and entertainment from your device of choice including touchpads, voice commands or mobile apps.

This integrated solution results in greater convenience, efficiency, and enhanced control for a more comfortable and secure home environment throughout your living spaces. Smart automation can also include scheduling, remote access, and integrating devices to work together seamlessly to make daily living more accessible than ever for you and your family.
Which home automation system is the best?
The best home automation system depends on your specific needs and preferences. Popular options include leading brands like Control4 and Savant. Savant is known for its high-end, stylish solutions, making it ideal for luxury homes. Control4 offers a broad range of integrations and user-friendly interfaces. Whether for your whole home or various rooms, it's essential to consider factors like compatibility, ease of use, and the range of devices supported when choosing the best home automation system for you and your property.
How much does smart home automation cost?
The costs can vary greatly based on the sizing and complexity of your system. A standard setup in one room with a few smart devices may cost a few thousand dollars. A more comprehensive system, including integrated lighting, climate control, security, and audio-video solutions throughout the house starts around $20,000. High-end custom solutions for luxury homes can often exceed $50,000. This includes costs for design, labor and the components. It's important to consider both the initial investment and any ongoing maintenance or subscription costs!
How do I get the best lighting in my house?
Achieving the best lighting throughout your home involves a combination of natural sunlight, ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Use smart lighting systems like Lutron to adjust the brightness and color temperature of your lighting fixtures. Layering different types of lighting lets you create a versatile and dynamic lighting environment for any situation or scenario. Consider using dimmers, motion sensors, and programmable scenes to enhance convenience and energy efficiency. Consulting with a lighting designer like BRAVAS can also help you tailor and customize lighting to your family's specific needs and preferences.
Is a home theater worth it in 2024?
A custom home theater can be a valuable addition to your home in 2024, especially if you enjoy hosting movie nights, sports events, and gaming. Advances in technology have made home theaters more immersive and accessible, with options like 4K projectors, high-quality surround sound systems, and comfortable seating that far surpasses what you'd experience in a commercial cinema.

The value of a home theater also depends on your lifestyle and how often you'll use it! For avid movie watchers or gamers, the investment can enhance your overall entertainment experience and increase your home's value in the long run. But it’s also great for families looking for unique ways to spend time together.
What's the difference between a home theater and a media room?
A home theater is typically a dedicated space designed to replicate the high-end cinema experience, with specific attention to acoustics, lighting, and seating arrangement. It often includes a large screen or projector, high-quality sound systems, and tiered seating. On the other hand, a media room is a more versatile space for various forms of entertainment, such as watching TV and movies, playing video games, or listening to music. Media rooms often have more flexible seating arrangements and can be integrated into common living areas. They're even perfect for an everyday hangout with friends and family!
Are motorized shades really worth it?
Motorized shades can be worth the investment for their convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced control over natural lighting and privacy. They can be programmed to open and close at specific times, integrate with other smart home systems, and be controlled remotely. These settings can help regulate indoor temperatures, reduce energy costs, and protect your delicate furnishings from UV damage. Additionally, motorized shades can add a touch of luxury and modernity to every area of your home. Companies like Lutron offer motorized window treatments in many models including venetian blinds and drapes to easily find a match for your interior decor.
Is smart home security really worth it?
Smart home security systems offer enhanced protection, convenience, and peace of mind. They let you easily monitor your home remotely, receive alerts for unusual activities, and integrate with other smart devices like smart door locks and cameras. Features like remote access and seamless integration with other smart home systems make smart home security a valuable investment. While the initial cost may be higher than traditional security systems, the added benefits and potential insurance discounts can make it worthwhile.
How do outdoor sound systems and outdoor TVs really work?
Outdoor sound systems and TVs are designed to withstand various weather conditions while providing high-quality audio-video performance. Outdoor speakers are built with durable materials and can be strategically installed to create an immersive sound experience. Outdoor TVs are weatherproof, with bright screens to counteract sunlight glare - so you'll never have a sunny day ruin a game or movie viewing. These systems often integrate with your indoor entertainment setup, letting you effortlessly control them from the same apps and smart devices. Proper installation, including weatherproofing and positioning, is crucial for optimal performance!
Does my smart home work without the internet?
Some smart home features can work without the internet, depending on your system and devices. However, remote access, cloud-based services, and some advanced automation features typically require an internet connection. A robust smart home network system and connection are crucial as the foundation of your smart home. A well-designed network ensures that all devices communicate effectively and reliably, providing seamless integration and control. It also allows for the efficient handling of large amounts of data generated by multiple smart devices. Investing in a strong and secure network setup helps streamline and maintain the overall performance and security of your smart home, ensuring that it operates smoothly both online and offline!

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