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Smart Spaces

for Security

Nothing is more important than your family's safety, and keys just don't cut it. Finding the right security and life safety systems and then integrating them into the rest of your life is essential to any smart home. Download our Solution Guide to learn more.
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Control the keys to your castle.

Feel safe and secure in your home with an access control system for your whole property. There are all sorts of smart locks for everything from front doors to gates and garages, and it’s crucial that they’re networked together to give permanent or discretionary access only to people and service providers you trust.

Control access to your home with a customized system of digital door locks, camera doorbells, intercoms, door strikes, and card keys. BRAVAS partners with home owners and builders to create a seamless and secure network for total control of who has access to your home.

BRAVAS access control Solutions

Install digital door locks and garage door openers, and set up doorbell cameras at all entrances.
Design a more sophisticated access control system with intercom, door strikes, and key cards.
Establish estate managers or assistants as administrators to control and monitor access by staff, contractors, and service providers.
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Keep an eye on everything.

Live worry-free with a security system that covers and monitors your entire home. A secure home is a happy home, and a robust network of cameras and sensors ensures that your property and loved ones are always safe at home.

Design a security and surveillance system that’s customized for your property and the potential risks in your area. High-definition night vision cameras, motion and sound sensors, facial recognition, and an instant response to any and all security threats are essential. BRAVAS works with home builders and designers to ensure that every angle and square inch of your home is covered and secure.

BRAVAS surveillance Solutions

Set up cameras at all entry points to your home and property and external property monitors with night vision for grounds and remote structures.
Eliminate any blind spots with an increased number of high resolution cameras with broader fields of view on your home and around your property.
Seamlessly stitch together the feeds from all of your zones, and add video analytics and facial recognition software.
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Safety first.

Live worry-free with a life safety system designed to keep your family and your belongings safe. Safety is in the palm of your hand with an integrated security, fire prevention, and flood monitoring system designed for the specific needs of your home.

Live your best life prepared for the worst with 360-degree infrared security camera coverage and pressure sensitive floor pads, hardwired carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and commercial grade sprinkler systems. BRAVAS will help you select the right life safety technology for your home and set up a custom control system with automatic alerts and notifications.

BRAVAS life safety Solutions

Install hidden intrusion alarms on all doors and windows.
Hardwire your home with smoke, fire, and water monitoring systems with customized alerts and notifications.
Employ one of our trusted life safety partners to integrate, monitor, and regularly check your fire prevention and security systems.
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