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BRAVAS Luxury Living Podcast



Why Your Flat Screen TV Needs a Soundbar

It's no secret that the speakers built into your flat-screen TV leave much to be desired in terms of sound quality. Join the BRAVAS team as we delve into the world of soundbars, ranging from the simplest solutions to custom-built soundbars that blend into the TV or your home decor. We'll help you discover why a soundbar is not just a luxury but a necessity for any modern home. If you have questions about soundbars or want to improve your experience at home, Contact BRAVAS today.

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BRAVAS Podcast 33:

5 Mistakes People Make when Planning their Smart Home.

IIf you're thinking about creating a smart home, this is the podcast for you! We talk to System Designers Bryna Owens and Rob Carpenter from the BRAVAS Design & Engineering team. We discuss the mistakes people typically make during the planning phase that may cost you more in the long run and ways to avoid them.

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BRAVAS Podcast 30:

Digital Art with BlackDove.

In this episode we talk with Daniel Mikesell from BlackDove and discuss ways to turn your TV into a digital canvas. We also talk about Moving Art, Wellness Art, and how to watch NFT (non-fungible tokens) artwork on your digital screen.

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BRAVAS Podcast 29:

Outdoor TV Considerations with Seura.

In this episode we talk to Tony Blodgett - National Sales Manager at Seura. We discuss the difference between indoor and outdoor TVs, including applications for different sun, heat and cold conditions. We also talk about unique solutions using TV mirrors and lighted mirrors to blend elegant design elements with technology.

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BRAVAS Podcast 17:

What happens when you combine art and sound in your luxury home?

This time on the BRAVAS Luxury Living Podcast, we talk to Noah Kaplan from LEON Speakers. In a wide-ranging conversation, we talk about what an artist is doing creating speakers and how to give people their music back. If you enjoy or find this Podcast useful, please LIKE, Share, and tell your friends. Also, don't forget to subscribe so you can find out when BRAVAS releases our next Podcast - it's going to be a good one!

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BRAVAS Podcast 13:

How to get great sound across your whole luxury home.

In our series on speakers for your luxury home, we talk to Jason Sloan, Chief Sales Officer at Sonance, about getting great sound across your whole house. We also talk about some other products that might make your Automated Smart Home a bit easier to manage.

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BRAVAS Podcast 11:

Getting the best sound across your whole home.

Over the next few weeks, we will talk to several higher-end speaker manufacturers about their products. We want to explore all the elements of getting sound right in a luxury smart home. Each brings something unique, and a team like BRAVAS can help you get the right mix for your home. In this podcast from BRAVAS, we talk to Marc Fisher, President of Origin Acoustics.

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