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BRAVAS Luxury Living Podcast



BRAVAS Podcast 41:

Acoustics & Sound Considerations with Artnovion.

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we have a chat with Nina Clarkson-Valdivia from Origin Acoustics and Artnovion. We discuss what elements to consider when designing the sound in a theater or any other space in a luxury home. For more information on Artnovion, visit:

Posted in Music, Private Cinema, Media Rooms & Gaming, Acoustics


BRAVAS Podcast 32:

Why a Smart Home is a Healthy Home.

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we talk to Mike Maniscalco - Founder and CEO of Better Living Tech and explore the future of wellness technologies in Smart Homes. We discuss ways to monitor and control elements in the home to work for the specific needs of the homeowner and their families.

Posted in Living, Window Treatments, Climate Control, Air Quality, Water Quality, Acoustics, Home Office


BRAVAS Podcast 28:

Luxury Technology Solutions for Outdoor Spaces.

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we discuss outdoor solutions with Michael Hench from Coastal Source and Joey Canahuati from Moss Landscaping in Houston, TX. Of course we talk about outdoor technology, including landscape lighting and outdoor audio. But we also discuss things that we can't see or hear like drainage, underground utility work, and other important steps to set your yard up for success.

Posted in Living, Lighting, Acoustics


BRAVAS Podcast 19:

Sonos in a Luxury Home.

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we talk all things Sonos with JT Pruitt from Sonos. Hear about Sonos Radio, Sonos Radio HD, and making dual subs work with your system. Also, we explore optical cables vs HDMI. Check out Sonos solutions on SoundCloud:

Posted in Music, Entertaining, High Performance Audio, Acoustics


BRAVAS Podcast 17:

What happens when you combine art and sound in your luxury home?

This time on the BRAVAS Luxury Living Podcast, we talk to Noah Kaplan from LEON Speakers. In a wide-ranging conversation, we talk about what an artist is doing creating speakers and how to give people their music back. If you enjoy or find this Podcast useful, please LIKE, Share, and tell your friends. Also, don't forget to subscribe so you can find out when BRAVAS releases our next Podcast - it's going to be a good one!

Posted in Music, Entertaining, Televisions, High Performance Audio, Acoustics, Concealment


BRAVAS Podcast 6:

Enhance health and well-being in a luxury home

In this podcast from BRAVAS, we explore how to make your luxury home a healthy home. We talk to Anthony Antolino, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Delos. Delos is committed to enhancing health and well-being in the spaces where we live, work, sleep and play through standards, programs and solutions designed to promote wellness, stress resilience, performance, restfulness and joy.

Posted in Living, Lighting, Window Treatments, Climate Control, Air Quality, Water Quality, Acoustics, Home Office

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