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Discover the world of lighting design and how it can elevate your home. Explore the principles, processes, and benefits of lighting design for both new homes and renovations.

What Is Lighting Design & How Can It Impact My Home? What Is Lighting Design & How Can It Impact My Home?

Exploring Lighting Design for New Homes & Renovations

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most influential architects in history, once said: “More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of buildings.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Whether it’s a bay window letting in the morning sun or light fixtures that set your home aglow at night, lighting is everything in home design. If you’re building a new home or renovating, now’s the perfect chance to partner with a lighting designer.

But what is lighting design? Most people are familiar with interior design or even landscape design but aren’t familiar with the concept of lighting design. Here’s what lighting design can bring to your Naples, FL, home—and what you’ll be missing without it.

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