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Features topics that showcase the technology behind the space that delight homeowners and provide comfort, entertainment, security and convenience.

What’s New with Voice Control? What’s New with Voice Control?

Breaking Down the Differences in Platforms

If you've updated your technology in the past few years, you're likely familiar with the concept of voice control. Your cable service provider, smartphone, and more probably have some variation of technology you control through spoken commands. But one of the most productive uses for voice platforms is to control your smart home system.

Of course, with so many companies competing to dominate the market, you could quickly lose track of what the differences are between each device. Should you integrate an Amazon Alexa or Google Home system? Can you enjoy voice control without inviting a major tech company into your home? Find out here.

Adding Sophistication and Style with Technology Adding Sophistication and Style with Technology

Minimize the Clutter and Streamline Your Technology

As one of the first significant streaming hits of 2019, Marie Kondo's Netflix phenomenon Tidying Up highlights the distinct relationship between decluttering your home and living a better, more fulfilling life. And while she may be talking about cleaning out closets, architects and designers should pay close attention to her methods.

The lifestyle guru behind the KonMari Method recently told Elle Magazine: “... in the past, most of my clients were interested in organizing. Now, my clients are mainly interested in a life that is more centered around mindfulness and wellness.”

The popularity of her new show indicates an interest in reducing clutter on the path to wellness. And few things can clutter a room more quickly than technology components.

When you're designing your next project, consider factoring in the reality of the role technology plays in the day-to-day lives of your clients. Create a space where the devices remain useful, but they don't dominate the look or feel of the room.

Here, you’ll find some interesting modern solutions that will help you design a less cluttered, more mindful space for your clients. To get more out of the sophistication and style of hidden technology keep reading.

Why Tunable LED Is the Hottest Tech Trend of 2019 Why Tunable LED Is the Hottest Tech Trend of 2019

Enjoy a Lighting System That Improves Your Lifestyle

The New Year is here and there’s plenty of great new technology trends coming your way. While rollable TVs and artificial intelligence may be some of the most talked-about technology upgrades at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, there’s one technology that will transform the way you get through your day: tunable LED lighting.

Want to find out how a ground-up tunable upgrade will transform your lifestyle? Curious why it’s one of the best home automation trends to look for in 2019? Find out here.

Love Luxury? Here’s What You Need In Your Media Room Love Luxury? Here’s What You Need In Your Media Room

Must-Have Upgrades for a Memorable New Year

With the holidays right around the corner and the fresh spring air a lot closer than you think, you’re likely going to spend a lot of time with your friends and family -- spending time in your media room!

That’s why you’ll want to make it as luxurious as possible. From the ultimate game room to an all-in-one sports haven, you can turn yours into an entertainment escape right in the comfort of your home.

Want to learn how you can make your media room the most luxurious space in your home? Keep reading.

How One Display Upgrade Will Get You Ready For Gameday How One Display Upgrade Will Get You Ready For Gameday

Is Your Entertainment System Ready for Some Football?

It’s the most magical time of year. Not because the leaves are changing color. Nor because of the crisp fall air. It’s not even because the winter holidays are just around the corner.

No, it’s because the next few months will see the MLB playoffs, the start of NHL and NBA seasons, and, of course, the beginning of football season.

In other words, it’s time for an AV upgrade.

Whether you’re cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles to a second straight Super Bowl win, ready to see the Houston Astros win the pennant, or want to see how LeBron does with the LA Lakers, you’re going to want to experience it with the best AV possible.

Here, you’ll find some helpful hints at how you can upgrade your entertainment system for the ultimate sports season.

5 Smart Privacy Solutions for Luxury Homes 5 Smart Privacy Solutions for Luxury Homes

Technology Can Help You Protect Your Family’s Privacy At All Times

Privacy is an essential aspect of your family’s safety. Luxury homes throughout Atlanta, Georgia, however, pose a variety of challenges when it comes to achieving total privacy. They’re usually on large properties that are difficult to monitor, have large modern windows with open views, and often include multiple entry points. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways a smart home automation system can help you enhance your family’s privacy on a daily basis. Check out some of them below.

The Top Five Window Shade Trends of 2017 The Top Five Window Shade Trends of 2017

Add the Latest in Motorized Shades and Blinds to Your Home

The year may not be over yet, but we’re far along enough to look back and see what design trends have hit it big in 2017. Specifically for window treatments, smart technologies such as motorized shades are growing in popularity. If you want your Indianapolis home to have the most up to date technologies and designs, then read on.

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