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How to Choose an Outdoor Television How to Choose an Outdoor Television

With temperatures warming up and our clocks springing forward this weekend, you may be planning to spend more time outdoors. Adding an outdoor television to your exterior space is a great way to enjoy that extra daylight and the warmer evenings with your family and friends. But how do you choose the right television? Below you'll find some categories to consider when choosing an outdoor TV.

How to Watch TV Outdoors in the Sun! How to Watch TV Outdoors in the Sun!

There is something special about watching a game outdoors on your patio or even in your garden. Some of us live in a climate where this is possible for the Superbowl, but many of us need to wait for warmer months to get outdoors.

Wherever you live and whatever you watch, there is something to consider when putting your TV outside the walls of your home. In this blog, we will review some of the issues and recommend a great TV for your outdoor upgrade – from one of our favorite brands, Seura.

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