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Life features topics on the life our clients enjoy. Connecting experiences in a shared fashion depicting the beauty of the spaces, the uniqueness of luxury living and the learning of a community living life to the fullest.

Your Guide to Monterey Car Week Your Guide to Monterey Car Week

Celebrate the Elegance of Automotive Design

Every year the world’s greatest sports cars prepare for months to compete against each other. But it’s not their top speed that’s on display. It’s their style and elegance.

The year is 1950, and Phil Hill, who would go on to automotive glory as the only American-born driver to win the Formula One World Driver's Championship, sits behind the wheel of a Jaguar XK. Little does he know he'll become the first ever to win the Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance.

Feeling Down? Crank Up the Volume! Feeling Down? Crank Up the Volume!

A Fascinating Way Music Affects Your Mood

How do you deal with a bad day?

Do you spend some time alone, meditating on your problems? Do you relieve stress at the local batting cages?

Well, according to a study by the University of Queensland, you may just want to turn the Metallica up to 11 and bang your head for a while. Sort of.

The study found that, contrary to previous evidence, loud, aggressive music like metal or punk can relieve anger and sadness, and help listeners calm down. It’s just one of the surprising ways music can influence your mood.

3 Unforgettable Destinations You’ll Have to See to Believe 3 Unforgettable Destinations You’ll Have to See to Believe

Your Next Vacation Just Got a Little More Spectacular

Spring has finally arrived and 2018 is in full swing. That means it’s time to start thinking about your next getaway. But where do you go when you can go anywhere?

Easy. You pick the most striking, intriguing and unforgettable places you can find. In fact, we’ve done some of the work for you. Below, you’ll find our top three recommendations for this year’s best high-end vacation destinations.

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How to Evaluate the Best Top-Tier Universities How to Evaluate the Best Top-Tier Universities

The Right University Comes Down to More than Just Name

Choosing a university is a decision that will decidedly impact one’s future. If you’re in a position to evaluate the options for a loved one in your life, it’s not something to be taken lightly.  

Harvard, Yale, Oxford – There are plenty of top-tier universities to choose from, and perhaps you already have a specific option in mind, but keep an open mind. There’s far more to the decision than going on a university’s name and reputation alone. Ultimately, it comes down to where the best fit might be.

As part of our commitment to the learning community, we’ve provided this guide to how you can sift through the options and work with your loved one to find the best education destination for him or her.

Charitable Trusts: A Smart Idea for any Philanthropist Charitable Trusts: A Smart Idea for any Philanthropist

Why a Charitable Trust is the Perfect Way to Avoid Capital Gains Tax

Charitable trusts are a smart approach for anyone seeking to increase philanthropy while simultaneously lowering their tax burden. You can give more to your desired charity without worrying about a high tax bill on a sale of assets: rental property, second home, a business or similar event.

Charitable trusts allow you to move assets to a trust that you can direct for the good of a charitable organization. The assets are protected against capital gain taxes, allowing there to be more assets to produce income. You can direct the income to yourself, family or others while the asset base continues to grow.

These contributed assets might be rental properties, private residences, or business holdings.

Since 1969, tax code has allowed capital gains to be split or redirected to good causes, reducing your level of taxation.

Ring In The New Year With Celebrations Abroad Or At Home Ring In The New Year With Celebrations Abroad Or At Home

Here Are 6 Destinations Sure To Inspire A Memorable New Year’s Eve

December has arrived, and that means the new year is just around the corner.

If you haven’t made plans yet to ring in 2018, why not make this the year you indulge in one of the world’s best New Year’s Eve celebrations?

You can celebrate with hundreds of thousands of people if you desire, or you can tailor your experience to a private setting while still experiencing the festivities.

Below, we explore five destinations perfect for New Year’s Eve and weigh in on another celebration option (one that requires much less travel).

What to Get the Person Who Has Everything What to Get the Person Who Has Everything

Our Recommendations for Gifts that Will Impress

On the hunt for that perfect Christmas gift? It can be tough to find that option that stands out, the gift that your loved one will continue to use all year long.  One of the things we love about smart technology is that there is an option for everyone; it’s a gift that can be personalized to fit any home or person. If you want to go beyond the basics with your gift-giving this year, consider one of these options.

November Auctions Worth Attending November Auctions Worth Attending

Add These Auctions to Your Schedule

Fall auction season 2017 is in full swing, and the best auction houses are offering not-to-miss antiques, memorabilia, and art. So often, these events pass by without you even realizing they occurred. So if you’re an auction connoisseur, take a moment to peruse these November events before they pass you by.

Get the Perfect Taste of New York During Fashion Week Get the Perfect Taste of New York During Fashion Week

Find the Best Places to Eat, Shop and More During Your Stay

For one week in September, New York will be the center of the fashion world. Fashionistas, models, and celebrities flock to the city each fall for New York Fashion Week. It’s the perfect opportunity to make the trip to the Big Apple and take in the luxurious ambiance that comes with the event. Stay at some of the most sought-after hotels, check out the trendiest restaurants, and shop at the top designer stores. Join in on the action with VIP tickets that offer backstage access and admission to the week’s top after parties. Below we’ve come up with a guide so you can get the most out of your trip:

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