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How to Evaluate the Best Top-Tier Universities How to Evaluate the Best Top-Tier Universities

The Right University Comes Down to More than Just Name

Choosing a university is a decision that will decidedly impact one’s future. If you’re in a position to evaluate the options for a loved one in your life, it’s not something to be taken lightly.  

Harvard, Yale, Oxford – There are plenty of top-tier universities to choose from, and perhaps you already have a specific option in mind, but keep an open mind. There’s far more to the decision than going on a university’s name and reputation alone. Ultimately, it comes down to where the best fit might be.

As part of our commitment to the learning community, we’ve provided this guide to how you can sift through the options and work with your loved one to find the best education destination for him or her.

How to Incorporate Crowdfunding into Your Investment Plan How to Incorporate Crowdfunding into Your Investment Plan

Wealthy Investors Look to Cash in On the Latest Trend in Venture Capital

Companies like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have changed the way that businesses and startups get their products from the testing stage through to large-scale production. Initially used as a simple way to reach out to friends and family, now billions of dollars are being exchanged on these crowdfunding sites. Huge success stories like Uber and Oculus Drift have only increased the number of investors looking to strike gold through these new platforms. As crowdsourcing lowers the cost of entry for capital investments, high-net-worth investors are wondering where they fit into this expanding landscape.

How to Find Like-Minded Peers in an Increasingly Social World How to Find Like-Minded Peers in an Increasingly Social World

Social Networking Guidance for the Luxury Community

If you have avoided the typical networking platforms due to concerns about privacy or constant requests from pandering individuals, you’re not alone. The ultra-wealthy community has been slow to pick up social sites like Facebook and Twitter, with nearly 30% abstaining from social media altogether, according to a study by Spectrum Group. However, there’s no denying that the world has gone social. If you want to increase your sphere of influence or form new relationships, you need to embrace social media. Below, we provide a quick guide on how you can make social networking work to your advantage. 

TIGER 21: Graduate School of Wealth Preservation TIGER 21: Graduate School of Wealth Preservation

Peer-to-Peer Learning Community Has More than 440 Members Globally

The Investment Group for Enhanced Results in the 21st Century, also known as TIGER 21, is the premier peer-to-peer learning network for high-net-worth individuals. But this isn’t a Goldman Sachs Club. TIGER 21 has over 440 members, who are accomplished wealth creators in nearly every industry from around the globe, and who collectively manage more than $40 billion in personal assets. Founded in 1999 by an entrepreneur seeking objective advice regarding the management of his wealth, TIGER 21 members join this exclusive group to become more disciplined investors, enhance their wealth and achieve other personal goals beyond investing.

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