5 Smart Privacy Solutions for Luxury Homes

5 Smart Privacy Solutions for Luxury Homes

Technology Can Help You Protect Your Family’s Privacy At All Times

Privacy is an essential aspect of your family’s safety. Luxury homes throughout Atlanta, Georgia, however, pose a variety of challenges when it comes to achieving total privacy. They’re usually on large properties that are difficult to monitor, have large modern windows with open views, and often include multiple entry points. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways a smart home automation system can help you enhance your family’s privacy on a daily basis. Check out some of them below.

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Motorized Shades

The primary way to secure your privacy is through shades or blinds. But traditional window fixtures may not be ideal for large luxury homes. Every large window throughout your home is just one more thing to manage – opening and closing the shades each day, balancing privacy with your gorgeous outdoor views.

Here is where motorized shades can help. Through centralized control, you can use a mobile app to see which shades are open and close them remotely. You can even have an “All Down” setting that immediately closes all the shades in your house. 

You can also link motion sensors to your shades for added privacy. These can work in two distinct ways. If anyone approaches your windows from the outside, the shades can automatically close. You can also have sensors in rooms where you expect added privacy. For example, shades could automatically close when you enter your walk-in closet or bathroom.


You can also line your house with shrubs or trees to enhance its privacy. While this is an excellent solution, it comes with a few drawbacks. These natural fences can also create dangerous, unlit areas on your property where people can sneak through. Make sure that any landscaping includes dedicated outdoor lighting. Through your home automation system, you can easily adjust your lighting so these spaces remain well-lit. Add motion sensors so additional lights turn on when someone is around your property's perimeter. 

Gate Intercom

Another way to enhance your privacy is to install a gate in front of your property. This will limit the number of people that can access your home directly. Boost this feature by incorporating a state-of-the-art intercom linked to your home automation system. From the same interface, you can see who's at the gate, open the gate, turn on your driveway lights, and unlock the front door – and you could achieve this all remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

Smart Locks

You can also have an additional line of defense at each point of entry to your home. Include smart doorbells and locks, so you're notified when someone is there. Use a touchpad or smartphone to see who's at the door. You can communicate with them directly and from the same interface unlock the door to let them in. 

Privacy Glass

What if you have floor to ceiling glass windows, many even spanning multiple levels? Traditional shades cannot cover these. While motorized shades are one possible solution, there is an alternative option if you want an even more modern feel to your home: privacy glass. From your smart home automation system, you can adjust the opacity of the glass from crystal clear to completely opaque so no one can look through. You can even schedule this to happen at a certain time each evening to protect your privacy overnight.

Are you looking for new ways to enhance your home's privacy? Smart technology can help! Learn more about these features and how to bring them into your home by reaching out to your local BRAVAS partner.



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