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What Is Lighting Design & How Can It Impact My Home?

What Is Lighting Design & How Can It Impact My Home?

Exploring Lighting Design for New Homes & Renovations

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most influential architects in history, once said: “More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of buildings.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Whether it’s a bay window letting in the morning sun or light fixtures that set your home aglow at night, lighting is everything in home design. If you’re building a new home or renovating, now’s the perfect chance to partner with a lighting designer.

But what is lighting design? Most people are familiar with interior design or even landscape design but aren’t familiar with the concept of lighting design. Here’s what lighting design can bring to your Naples, FL, home—and what you’ll be missing without it.

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What Is Lighting Design? 

Maybe you’ve recently heard of lighting design from your home builder. What is it? At its core, lighting design is about applying lighting solutions to enhance the human experience. Lighting design considers each light fixture's intensity, color, and application and how that influences a space. 


For example, instead of using a single ceiling fan light at the center of the room, a lighting designer would incorporate layers of light to create depth and a sense of space. A lighting designer considers how you’ll use rooms like the kitchen, office, and bedroom and applies lighting to enhance your daily activities. 

How Does Lighting Design Impact Me? 

Here’s what lighting design can offer your new home. 

Elevate Architecture 

Lighting design is all about selecting the right fixtures to highlight your home's architectural and landscape features. By carefully applying ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting, your lighting designer creates a harmonious and captivating visual experience. 


For example, linear lights can emphasize the lines and shapes of your space, while sconces add character and elegance. Small-aperture recessed lights blend into the ceiling, directing streams of light onto specific points in the room with precise beam widths. Strategic fixture placement is key to setting the right mood in indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Showcase Furnishings

Maybe your house features a beautiful stone patio or unique tiled ceilings. Perhaps there’s a grand piano in the hall or a beautiful art collection throughout the house. Lighting design accentuates your home’s furnishings and ensures certain colors stand out. Smart, color-tunable lights can alter how walls, furniture, and art look so you can enjoy your belongings in all their rich, vivid colors. 

Simplicity and Convenience

Lighting designers like the BRAVAS team also install premium smart control systems like Lutron that simplify how you manage lighting. Rather than play guessing games every time you flip a switch, we’ll install custom Lutron lighting keypads with buttons like “Dine” or “Entertain” that adjust your lights to the perfect setting. Then, from the Lutron app, you can change the brightness and color of LED lights and automate them to follow your routine.

What Is the Process to Start a Lighting Design? 

If you’re interested in lighting design and Lutron lighting control, it’s best to loop in a designer as early as possible in your home-build project. At the start, your lighting designer will assess your space or design plans and consider influential factors like natural light, room dimensions, and how you’ll use each space. 


Your lighting designer will then collaborate with the architect and interior design team to integrate light solutions and wiring into the overall layout. Next, the lighting designer sources appropriate fixtures (like Lutron's smart linear lights, downlights, LED lamps and motorized shades) and control system hardware and will determine the optimal placement for each light. Once it’s all installed, your lighting designer will program the Lutron smart system for you, so all you need to do is press ‘On’ and enjoy. 

Where Can I Get Lighting Design in Naples, FL? 

Looking for lighting design and smart control in the Naples area? BRAVAS is your destination. Contact our team of specialists here to see your home in an all-new light.

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