Successfully Mix Metals in Your Home Décor Successfully Mix Metals in Your Home Décor

Add Effective Contrasts with Home Interior Finishes

Although a big part of interior design is creating a cohesive style throughout your Dallas, TX home, you can still give your space a touch of personality with some contrasting elements. To do this, you can use contrasting paints, patterns, colors, or furnishings. Even though it was once considered a big stylistic faux pas, mixing metals has also become a way to add depth and personality. Read on to see how your home interior finishes can be used to successfully mix metals. 

Consider the Piano Room Consider the Piano Room

The Keys to Making Your Music Room Sing

A beautiful piece of music combines many ideas into one cohesive expression. When creating the ideal space to house your piano, the same principle can be followed. By establishing a total plan that brings together the features of the room, the qualities of the instrument, and how the piano will be used, everything will live in harmony. Consider learning how to find the right piano for your space.

Why Worry about Home Wi-Fi Networking? Why Worry about Home Wi-Fi Networking?

Wireless Smart Technologies Require a Reliable Network

The trend in smart technologies is wireless. More and more of the devices made for your Mission Viejo, CA home work by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi. There are many clear advantages to removing the wires, from easy installation and convenience to maintaining a clean design. However, without a strong network, your wireless devices won’t work to their full potential. In this article, we consider some of the latest wireless technologies and how you can prepare your home’s Wi-Fi to handle the increased traffic. Read on to learn more.

The Art of Merging Practicality and Extravagance in Home Theater Design The Art of Merging Practicality and Extravagance in Home Theater Design

The Ultimate Goal: Effortless, Immersive Enjoyment

Few rooms tread the balance of art and science the way that luxury home theaters do. On the one hand, the room requires careful consideration of acoustics, screen style, viewing angles, projector type, and more. But to create a true luxury theater, you need more than high-end equipment – the room must take the focus away from the equipment so that movie-watchers effortlessly fall into the cinematic experience. Keep reading to learn how home theater design experts in the Indianapolis, IN area merge technology and art from start to finish.

Everything You Need to Know About Mirror TVs Everything You Need to Know About Mirror TVs

See How this Hidden Technology Can Boost Your Home’s Décor

Reconciling entertainment and style is a common challenge for interior designers. Even as clients request sleeker styles for their homes, they’re often not willing to do away with their favorite movies and music. This has led to a whole new subsection of AV products dedicated to subtle entertainment solutions from hidden TVs to in-ceiling speakers. One of the best-selling products to come out of this development are mirror TVs. When turned off, they look like a framed mirror decorating your living room or bedroom. When turned on, they offer a dynamic image, allowing you to watch shows, movies and sports. Read on to learn more about how you can use this technology in your Cherry Hill, NJ home.

5 Charitable Foundations that Are Changing the World 5 Charitable Foundations that Are Changing the World

The Foundations that Spearhead Global Innovation and Improvement

More than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are registered in the United States. While each charity does good in its own way, some foundations have risen above the rest to have a significant impact on lives throughout the world. It’s easy to lose sight of some of the great accomplishments achieved through charity, so take a moment to reflect on how these foundations have influenced science, health, and social change across the globe.

Luxury Car Makers Eye The Electric Market Luxury Car Makers Eye The Electric Market

On the Heels of Tesla, Carmakers Respond

In an industry where the big players have been around for a century, Tesla is the new kid on the block. Within a decade, Tesla has become the face of the electric car movement. Their innovative designs and business strategies have put Tesla on the map, and other luxury car brands are starting to take notice.

3 Tips for a Better Wireless Connection 3 Tips for a Better Wireless Connection

Improve Your Home Wi-Fi Network for a Better Smart Home Experience

The strength of your home network is a significant determining factor in how smart your home can be. A smart home is most intelligent when many products work together to create a whole home environment, but multiple devices mean stress on the network, slowing the entire system. An unreliable network will mean lag times, buffering, and annoyance. In addition, more and more of these devices are designed to connect to Wi-Fi, which can have many positives. For instance, you probably don’t want excess wires throughout your Chicago, IL home. However, this requires taking extra steps to ensure that your Wi-Fi system can handle the load across your entire property--inside and out. Read on to learn about three tips that will improve your Wi-Fi network and, thus, the quality of your home.

Drone On Drone On

All the way back in 1907, a quadcopter was the first rotary wing aircraft ever to get off the ground. Since then, the design was largely put on the back shelf for larger format rotorcrafts but has found a renaissance in the field of small-scale drones. The simple four-rotor design creates a perfectly stable hover while providing more reliable maneuverability. Since each blade can be controlled separately, quadcopters provide their users with a unique level of control. Altering the velocity of the rotors independently allows the driver to create the desired thrust and direction rather simply--with a little practice. Whether you’re an amateur aviator practicing your aerial assaults, or looking to capture stellar visual imagery from above, quadcopters are the perfect solution to achieve either. Read on to learn about three DJI quadcopter models that may be right for you and your budget.

A Taste of Cuba: The Best Cigars on the Island A Taste of Cuba: The Best Cigars on the Island

Find Out Which Cigars Would Make the Best Gifts this Holiday Season

Much of the allure behind Cuban cigars has to do with their illicit nature. The United States embargo against Cuba prevented Americans from bringing home the cigars, regardless of where they were purchased. In 2014 the limit was eased allowing travelers to bring home just $100 worth of Cuban cigars. In October the White House announced that it is lifting more sanctions against Cuba, meaning Cuban cigars and alcohol being brought back to the U.S. will fall under the same importation rules as products from other countries. Cigar aficionados don’t expect this will impact the quality the cigars known for the purity of their Caribbean tobacco and their expertly hand-rolled design.

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