How Smart Lighting is Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs How Smart Lighting is Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs

Give Your Space a More Personal Feel with Customized Control

Few things can infuse elegance into your home better than the right type and quality of light. Through a home lighting control system, you can easily manage the lights to showcase the best interior features while improving your day-to-day living. Have direct control over each fixture from the device of your choice and find the perfect settings for your bedroom, media room, and outdoor spaces. Elevate the look and feel of your Houston, TX luxury home by taking advantage of these four customizable features.

High-Performance Audio Is Stronger Than Ever High-Performance Audio Is Stronger Than Ever

Take Advantage of High-Fidelity Sound in Your Southern New Jersey Home

When researching the best high-performance audio components, certain performance specifications can give you an indication of a specific product’s characteristics, but do they tell you everything? Full-range speakers with low distortion, and amplifiers with a lot of headroom are relevant parameters, but the proof is in the listening. What are the dimensions of your listening room? Is the room dedicated to music, or is the system going to be installed in a room used for other functions? What are your aesthetic concerns? After all, we may critically look at the gear as much as we critically listen to it. So, looks can and do count. But above all, what experience from our budding system do we seek?

Wear an Iconic Timepiece Wear an Iconic Timepiece

Auction Houses Offer Rare and Vintage Pieces

Wristwatch ownership offers many advantages and pleasures beyond accurately measuring time. Just like people find value in owning and wearing fine jewelry, the same can be said about wristwatches. For the practical buyer, the value of watches is often entirely emotional, meaning every penny spent buys you greater emotional satisfaction. Typically, any timepiece over $200 is more jewelry than watch and therefore one ought to forget about evaluating the item by adding up the cost of its components, calculating the value of precious metals or the mechanism inside. Savor the feeling you get when you slip a luxury watch around your wrist.

Take Your Home Theater Design Up a Notch Take Your Home Theater Design Up a Notch

3 Tips for Creating that Luxurious Home Theater Look

Any private home theater design presents an opportunity to personalize a movie experience unique to you. A lot of thought and strategy goes into creating a home theater design that is eye-catching, and perfectly optimized for that larger-than-life viewing experience. Here are three things to keep in mind when working with an AV professional to design a private theater in your Mission Viejo or seaside California home.

Embrace the Latest Style Trends with Elegant Interior Finishes Embrace the Latest Style Trends with Elegant Interior Finishes

Invest in Home Finishes that Enhance Your Interior Design

An eclectic approach to interior design has taken off in 2016 where designers look to match distinct styles throughout Minneapolis, MN homes to give it some added personality. From warm, relaxing tones in the bedroom to eye-popping patterns in the living room, every little detail is taken into account to create a beautiful, livable space. A big part of this design is to have home interior finishes in place that provide stylistic accents or minimize the influence of technology. Read on to see how custom finishes can help you embrace the latest style trends.

3 Advantages of Hidden TVs in Luxury Homes 3 Advantages of Hidden TVs in Luxury Homes

Enhance Your Lifestyle with a Television that Appears When You Need it

When you walk into a modern luxury home, the two things you’re sure to find are high-end décor and smart electronics. As wonderful as it is to have smart control of your home technology, the focus should be on the more elegant features of your home, such as the designer gourmet range in your kitchen or collectible artwork in the foyer.

The best designers know how to blend these elements together so that homeowners gain all of the benefits of smart electronics while keeping the focus on the décor. One great way to accomplish this is with hidden TVs, which are fully accessible whenever you want them, but invisible to the eye whenever not in use. In this Elements article, we cover the main ways that hidden TVs can enhance your Indianapolis, IN home. Keep reading to learn how.

Enjoy High Fidelity Audio with Hidden Speakers Enjoy High Fidelity Audio with Hidden Speakers

Get Top Quality Sound without Any Clutter

Enjoying music the way it was meant to be heard requires high-end speakers carefully designed and engineered to provide clear, pure sound. Unfortunately, many homeowners feel like they have to choose between enjoying music throughout their home and keeping the interior design free of clunky speakers and audio equipment. The good news is that Dallas, Texas homeowners can have the best of both worlds with hidden speakers.

Host Better Parties with Home Lighting Automation Host Better Parties with Home Lighting Automation

Entertain Friends and Family with Smart Control of Your Lights

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start preparing to host friends and family. Getting your luxury home ready is going to take more than some late spring cleaning; why not invest in design and technology upgrades that leave a lasting impression? One upgrade to consider is a home lighting automation system. With intuitive control of your lights, it’s easier than ever to be a gracious host this holiday season. Read on to learn the many ways you can use this technology in your Atlanta, GA home.

The Art of Incorporating Technology in Glass Architecture The Art of Incorporating Technology in Glass Architecture

Enjoy Technology that Makes the Most of Gorgeous Views

Floor-to-ceiling glass has become a staple of modern residential architecture. The glass design opens up a home to far more enjoyable views than wallpaper could ever offer, creating a seamless flow between your home’s interior and the natural outdoors. Glass architecture poses a unique challenge for smart home automation integration, where wiring and equipment are typically hidden in the walls. However, the best professionals have proven methods for combining the benefits of automation technology and glass architecture. Continue reading to learn how.

Keep Your Interior Design Clean with Custom Home Finishes Keep Your Interior Design Clean with Custom Home Finishes

Outlets and Wall Switches – Now You Don’t See Them in Your California Home

Ask home designers how they feel about faceplates, switches, and other electrical wall components, and they’ll tell you that outlets are more than just an eyesore—they’re a necessary evil that obstructs an otherwise seamless and clean design. The standard white faceplates that jut out of the wall draw your eye immediately as if shouting out “I don’t belong here.” But what if you could avoid those eyesores in your Mission Viejo residence with aesthetically conscious home interior finishes? Keep reading to learn how.

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