Large homes need well-managed networks with high performance and protected security. The network can be the heart of the household.

Protecting Your Privacy in the Digital Age Protecting Your Privacy in the Digital Age

Home Wi-Fi Networking Guidance for High Net Worth Individuals

Celebrities and high net worth individuals have always been prime targets for cybercrime. Whether it’s photos of your family or the password to your investment account, one hack is all it takes to put that information in the hands of criminals. According to a study by Juniper Research, the global cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach $2 trillion within two years. It’s a sobering thought, but there are some steps you can take to protect your information. Below, we cover the difference that a professional home Wi-Fi networking installation can make in keeping your life private and protected in your Houston, Texas home.

Boost Your Outdoor Wi-Fi for the Summer Months Boost Your Outdoor Wi-Fi for the Summer Months

Enjoy a Reliable Connection While You Bask in the Sun

During the summer months, you’ll be spending more time outdoor enjoying the weather. No matter what your favorite activity be it poolside or on the patio, you're going to need a strong home Wi-Fi networking foundation. Not only do you need it to check emails and stream video on your phone, but it may also be necessary to stream your favorite music to your outdoor speakers, play a movie on your weather-proof TV, or monitor your security cameras. The requirements for a successful network installation are much different when taking your signal outside, which is what we’ll cover in this article.

Does Your Wi-Fi Network Cover Your Entire Property? Does Your Wi-Fi Network Cover Your Entire Property?

Home Wi-Fi Networking Should Give Reliable Access to Every Space

When it comes to home Wi-Fi networking for large properties, the standard solutions offered by internet service providers throughout New Jersey simply don’t cut it. The ISP-provided routers and setups are designed for average-sized households, and even then, they don’t do a very good job.

A basic router’s range is just 150 feet indoors, so if you’re trying to get a reliable Wi-Fi in rooms beyond that, you’re not going to be happy with the result. The challenge for many homeowners in the Cherry Hill area is finding strong networking solutions for 3,000+ square foot homes (let alone coverage that extends to outdoor areas).

Back to the Basics of Home Wi-Fi Networking Back to the Basics of Home Wi-Fi Networking

Get Started with Networking

We all use our home Wi-Fi network on a daily basis, but how much do you really know about how it works? The strength of the wireless connection in your Dallas, TX home can truly impact how you experience the different technologies you own. From your laptop to your smart TV, each is limited by the speed of your wireless network. If you haven’t optimized the connection, how do you expect to stream your favorite show on your 4K television while your son downloads a new video game? Learning the basics can help on the path to seamless integration between technology and your lifestyle. Continue reading to get started. 

Build the Ideal Home Office Build the Ideal Home Office

Start with Home Wi-Fi Networking

Every space in your home has unique functions and, therefore, unique requirements. However, there is one element that every room needs to function at its highest level: access to secure, reliable Wi-Fi. Your devices should work without lag times in every area of your Indianapolis, IN home, but strong home Wi-Fi networking is especially important in your office. The office should always be ready for you when you’re ready to work, even if ten other wireless devices are in use throughout the rest of your home. When designing the perfect home workspace, start by building a reliable and powerful Wi-Fi system that can support your many technologies. Continue reading to learn more.

What Are You Doing to Strengthen Your Network Security? What Are You Doing to Strengthen Your Network Security?

Protect Your Home from Dangerous Cyber Attacks

With more connected devices linked to your home Wi-Fi network every day, it's important that you take the right precautions to protect it. A recent study by Yokohama National University found that 1.3 million internet-connected devices were infected with computer viruses. Smart cameras, thermostats and TVs, among others, each pose their own unique threats. One vulnerable component could result in a threat to your entire network. As you read on, make sure you're taking all these steps to protect your Minneapolis, MN home. 

Why Worry about Home Wi-Fi Networking? Why Worry about Home Wi-Fi Networking?

Wireless Smart Technologies Require a Reliable Network

The trend in smart technologies is wireless. More and more of the devices made for your Mission Viejo, CA home work by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi. There are many clear advantages to removing the wires, from easy installation and convenience to maintaining a clean design. However, without a strong network, your wireless devices won’t work to their full potential. In this article, we consider some of the latest wireless technologies and how you can prepare your home’s Wi-Fi to handle the increased traffic. Read on to learn more.

3 Tips for a Better Wireless Connection 3 Tips for a Better Wireless Connection

Improve Your Home Wi-Fi Network for a Better Smart Home Experience

The strength of your home network is a significant determining factor in how smart your home can be. A smart home is most intelligent when many products work together to create a whole home environment, but multiple devices mean stress on the network, slowing the entire system. An unreliable network will mean lag times, buffering, and annoyance. In addition, more and more of these devices are designed to connect to Wi-Fi, which can have many positives. For instance, you probably don’t want excess wires throughout your Chicago, IL home. However, this requires taking extra steps to ensure that your Wi-Fi system can handle the load across your entire property--inside and out. Read on to learn about three tips that will improve your Wi-Fi network and, thus, the quality of your home.

How to Avoid these 4 Common Wi-Fi Networking Mistakes How to Avoid these 4 Common Wi-Fi Networking Mistakes

Make Sure You Have a Strong, Reliable Signal Throughout Your Home

The days when you could rely on your internet provider to set up your home’s Wi-Fi networking solution are in the past. That's because your network has become the backbone of a connected home, used for communicating with friends and family, working remotely, and enjoying your favorite entertainment. How can you ensure the network in your Atlanta, GA home is up to the task? In larger homes, you need to have a robust, well-designed network to avoid constant hassles and dead spots. In this blog, we discuss some of the mistakes you want to avoid when designing a network for your home. 

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