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Hide the TV behind art pieces or with lifts at the foot of the bed or in the ceiling. These mechanical geniuses make getting ready for the show fun.

3 Rooms that Benefit from Unexpected Entertainment 3 Rooms that Benefit from Unexpected Entertainment

Where to Add Hidden TVs

As technology becomes an ever-increasing part of our lives, it doesn’t have to take over our homes’ style. By utilizing concealed technology like hidden TVs in your Houston, TX home, you can seamlessly integrate entertainment into your decor. One added benefit of hiding your screens is that you can easily add televisions to new rooms. In this article, we cover three spaces you may not have considered but could benefit from a hidden television. Continue reading to learn more. 

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hidden TVs 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hidden TVs

Give Your Equipment the Right Supporting Cast

Neatly tucking away your entertainment equipment is an essential part of preserving your interior design. Depending on your space and style limitations, you can use hidden TVs that double as mirrors, hide behind pieces of artwork, disappear into nooks in the ceiling or fit within custom cabinetry. But it takes more than just choosing one of these solutions to create the ideal décor. Like any technology in your San Francisco, CA home, you need the perfect supporting cast. In this article, we discuss a few different approaches to get the most out of your hidden televisions.

Hide TVs Using Wall Mounts Hide TVs Using Wall Mounts

Protect Your Home’s Interior Design with These Installation Tips

With a variety of hidden TV and speaker options available for your Atlanta, GA home, entertainment systems don’t have to be an eyesore. When it comes to your televisions, you can hide them behind artwork, in the ceiling, or in specialty furniture. In this article, we showcase the real stars behind your hidden TVs: lifts and mounts.

Showcase Your Artwork with Hidden TVs Showcase Your Artwork with Hidden TVs

The Interior Design Trend Taking Chicago by Storm

When you walk into a room, would you rather look at a classic Degas or a blank television screen? The choice is clear from an interior design perspective, but from a practical perspective, things get a little more complicated.

The good news is that Chicago, IL area homeowners can get the best of both worlds—a room where the focus stays on your priceless artwork while also giving instant access to high-definition television whenever you want. Hidden TVs behind the artwork make it all possible.

Everything You Need to Know About Mirror TVs Everything You Need to Know About Mirror TVs

See How this Hidden Technology Can Boost Your Home’s Décor

Reconciling entertainment and style is a common challenge for interior designers. Even as clients request sleeker styles for their homes, they’re often not willing to do away with their favorite movies and music. This has led to a whole new subsection of AV products dedicated to subtle entertainment solutions from hidden TVs to in-ceiling speakers. One of the best-selling products to come out of this development are mirror TVs. When turned off, they look like a framed mirror decorating your living room or bedroom. When turned on, they offer a dynamic image, allowing you to watch shows, movies and sports. Read on to learn more about how you can use this technology in your Cherry Hill, NJ home.

A Look for Any Occasion: Matching Your TV to Your Preferred Style A Look for Any Occasion: Matching Your TV to Your Preferred Style

From Rustic to Modern, Hidden TVs Blend with Your Interior Design

As you plan out the interior design for your Dallas, TX luxury home, you’ll have to strike a balance between your personal style and your favorite entertainment. Designers have to find a way to make your speakers, televisions and AV equipment---including cable boxes, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles—blend with your décor. A popular approach is the installation of hidden TVs through the use of specialty mounts, custom cabinetry or mirror TVs. In this article, we help you figure out which of these options is the best fit for you.

3 Advantages of Hidden TVs in Luxury Homes 3 Advantages of Hidden TVs in Luxury Homes

Enhance Your Lifestyle with a Television that Appears When You Need it

When you walk into a modern luxury home, the two things you’re sure to find are high-end décor and smart electronics. As wonderful as it is to have smart control of your home technology, the focus should be on the more elegant features of your home, such as the designer gourmet range in your kitchen or collectible artwork in the foyer.

The best designers know how to blend these elements together so that homeowners gain all of the benefits of smart electronics while keeping the focus on the décor. One great way to accomplish this is with hidden TVs, which are fully accessible whenever you want them, but invisible to the eye whenever not in use. In this Elements article, we cover the main ways that hidden TVs can enhance your Indianapolis, IN home. Keep reading to learn how.

5 Places to Hide a Television in Your Master Suite 5 Places to Hide a Television in Your Master Suite

Sleep in a Room that Doesn’t Feel Like a Home Theater

Take a moment to picture your dream home. What features or aspects stand-out the most? Maybe it’s the modern kitchen with ample counters, the spacious walk-in closets, or perhaps it’s the spa-like en-suite, the low-maintenance landscaping, or the open floor plan with clear sight lines. While the most important features of a house will vary greatly depending on whom you ask, most homeowners can agree they prefer a master bedroom designed with technology that maximizes comfort but doesn’t feel like a distracting home theater. Let’s explore a few hidden TV options for your Minneapolis, MN home.

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