Lighting can be scheduled to the daylight calendar and provide safety and comfort around the seasons.

Can Your Home’s Lighting Affect Your Health? Can Your Home’s Lighting Affect Your Health?

How Lighting Control Can Help Maintain Your Circadian Rhythm

Your sleep is intrinsically linked to your health. With the hectic hustle and bustle that can make up our days, many of us aren’t succeeding in consistently getting a full night of sleep. If you fall into that category, you could consider adjusting your Cherry Hills, NJ home environment to help regulate your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is your biological clock that tells your body when you should rest and when you should be awake. By using external cues like light, you can help your body understand when it is time for sleeping. Home lighting automation is an excellent tool for regulating your rhythm and improving your sleep and, therefore, your overall health and wellness. To learn more about how it works, continue reading our article.

Present Artwork at Its Best with Home Lighting Automation Present Artwork at Its Best with Home Lighting Automation

Four Lighting Technologies that Can Enhance Art

Levels and types of lighting can make a big impact on how artwork is perceived. Dali, Warhol, Van Gogh…whatever style of art is on display in your Indianapolis, IN home, it makes sense to show it off with the best lighting possible. The lights that illuminate your priceless artwork should do more than just turn on at the flip of a switch. Easily present your artwork at the right time and lighting levels with the home lighting automation technologies covered in this article.

Embrace the Spring Weather with Smart Landscape Lighting Embrace the Spring Weather with Smart Landscape Lighting

Enhance Your Design and Control Options with These Outdoor Lighting Tips

It's the perfect time to head outdoors in Mission Viejo, CA and enjoy the cool spring weather while watching the sunset from your patio or hosting friends for a barbecue. If you're going to be spending more time outdoors, the right landscape lighting solution will not only help you show off your best features, but it will also make your pool, patio, and backyard more enjoyable. Below we highlight some of the ways you can use home lighting automation to enhance your outside spaces. 

The Luxury Touch: What Sets Premium Lighting Control Systems Apart The Luxury Touch: What Sets Premium Lighting Control Systems Apart

Set the Bar High with Home Lighting Automation

How often have you seen advertisements for products that are “gourmet,” “luxury,” or “high-end”? These terms on their own are used far too liberally to describe goods and services that are above average at best. This problem is particularly pervasive in the home design and décor sphere, which makes it difficult for wealthy homeowners to identify the right contractor for their needs.

Color Temperature: the Secret to Superior Interior Design Color Temperature: the Secret to Superior Interior Design

Create a Cohesive Look with Home Lighting Automation

What role do lights play in your interior design? Your first thought might be about the gorgeous chandeliers in the dining room or decorative lighting sculptures in the foyer, but consider another aspect: the color temperature. Lighting hues are a subtle touch that can make or break a room’s design. To learn more about color temperature and how home lighting automation can help you achieve the perfect color balance for your Baltimore or other Maryland area home, read on.

Get Perfectly Lit Outdoor Spaces Get Perfectly Lit Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy the Houston Fall Weather with Outdoor Lighting

The weather is finally turning in Houston, TX from the hot summer months to the lovely, cooler temperatures of fall and winter. While the rest of the country moves inside, it’s time for you to prepare your outdoor entertaining space. Adding home lighting automation to your outdoor environment is the best way to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the weather throughout the evenings, even as the hours of sunlight in a day wane. The right lighting will set the stage for the perfect outdoor entertainment space that can include outdoor televisions and audio systems. So whether you’re planning on having family and friends over to watch a football game or spending a weekend evening with your family, read on to see how outdoor lighting automation can provide a breath of fresh air.

Elevate Your Home with Light Elevate Your Home with Light

Use Lighting Automation to Enhance Your Home’s Style, Comfort, and Security

You take pride in your San Francisco, CA home. You have created a space for you and your family to feel warm, relaxed, and safe. But there is perhaps one element whose effect on your home experience you may have underestimated: the lighting. In order to maximize the feeling of sanctuary in your home, look to lighting automation. With the aid of a professional’s eye, automated lighting can highlight your home’s already impeccable style, simplify your life, and optimize your security. To learn how, read on. 

Host Better Parties with Home Lighting Automation Host Better Parties with Home Lighting Automation

Entertain Friends and Family with Smart Control of Your Lights

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start preparing to host friends and family. Getting your luxury home ready is going to take more than some late spring cleaning; why not invest in design and technology upgrades that leave a lasting impression? One upgrade to consider is a home lighting automation system. With intuitive control of your lights, it’s easier than ever to be a gracious host this holiday season. Read on to learn the many ways you can use this technology in your Atlanta, GA home.

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