Hear but not seen is a good thing and hidden speakers can provide the sound without the unsightly appearance. From architectural to completely stealth and invisible, there are many choices.

Embrace these Family Room Design Trends with Hidden Speakers Embrace these Family Room Design Trends with Hidden Speakers

Enjoy the Latest Stylistic Tips Without Sacrificing Your Entertainment

Your living room is the place in your Minneapolis, MN home where you’ll be hosting friends the most. In that regard, there are two main goals when designing this space. You want to create an entertaining area where they can listen to music, watch the Vikings game, or put on a movie. At the same time, you also want it to be a room where you can show off your unique style. One way to balance out these two goals is to take advantage of hidden technology. In this article, specifically, we'll showcase how hidden speakers can help you achieve three stylistic trends.

Answers to 5 Essential Questions About Hidden Speakers Answers to 5 Essential Questions About Hidden Speakers

A Detailed Look into Bringing Invisible Sound to Your California Home

When it comes to designing music systems for our luxury clients, many want their sound to be heard but not seen. That means no large black speakers or bulky AV equipment ruining their thoroughly thought out décor. For this reason, most of our whole house music installations include a variety of hidden speakers. They’re hidden in furniture, behind artwork or within walls and ceilings.

Visible vs. Hidden Speakers: Which is Right for Your Home? Visible vs. Hidden Speakers: Which is Right for Your Home?

Choose the Audio Design that Makes Sense for You

The ability to fill your home with music is a common feature of luxury homes, and yet there are many different avenues to achieve the goal of high-performance audio. One big decision that homeowners in the Baltimore, Maryland area must face is whether to invest in hidden speakers or opt for less discrete audio options. Below, we cover the key differences and advantages to each option.

Where You Should Be Installing Speakers Where You Should Be Installing Speakers

Hidden Speakers Go With Everything

An intelligently designed home seamlessly incorporates technology into each space, while preserving your unique style. If you’ve thought of adding an audio system to your Houston, TX home, but you were dissuaded by the idea of bulky equipment cluttering up your spaces, consider hidden speakers. Using such technology still allows for opportunities to install an audio system of your choice. If you want full sound without the inconvenience, continue reading as we cover some of the best locations to install hidden speakers.

Use Your Favorite Artwork to Hide Your Speakers Use Your Favorite Artwork to Hide Your Speakers

Bring a Stylistic Audio Solution into Your San Francisco Home

Revamping your interior design can be as simple as adding a stylistic pop to your electronics. Eliminate clutter and add personality to your San Francisco, CA home by turning speakers into works of art. With the right technology, these hidden speakers can bring together your love of art and music. A niche within the home audio industry has devoted itself to speakers that feature famous works of art, personal drawings or even photos.

5 Ways to Blend Your Speakers into Your Landscaping 5 Ways to Blend Your Speakers into Your Landscaping

Hidden Speaker Options for Your Outdoor Audio System

With great year-round weather and beautiful landscapes, it’s no surprise that people want to spend as much time as possible outdoors in Atlanta, Georgia. It's one of the reasons that outdoor sound systems are so popular in the city and its surrounding suburbs. Homeowners love listening to their favorite music when grilling some steaks or lounging by the pool, but are reluctant to install anything that might ruin their beautifully landscaped lawns. For this reason, there are a lot of hidden speakers available for garden, balcony and patio applications. In this article, we highlight some of the most popular ones:  

Use Hidden Speakers to Refine Your Home Theater Use Hidden Speakers to Refine Your Home Theater

Impress Guests With a Theater that Looks and Sounds Great

As you begin to design your home’s new theater, there are numerous important decisions to be made. The focus should always be on creating the ideal cinematic environment--which means paying particular attention to the audio. The music and sound effects can greatly affect the movie watching experience, and a good audio system will take your theater to the next level. However, your theater is still a part of your home, and you probably want it to remain consistent with the rest of your decor. Some, more obvious speakers may distract from the room’s other design elements. One way to achieve a great sounding cinema experience without sacrificing style is through the use of hidden speakers. To learn more about creating a functional and attractive home theater, read on.

Hide the Speakers, Not the Sound Hide the Speakers, Not the Sound

Hidden Speakers Blend with Your Home’s Décor

If you’re considering adding a complete audio system to your Cherry Hill, NJ home, don’t let concern over how the speakers will affect your space stop you. If you are working with an interior designer, they will tell you that speakers are best heard and not seen. When you hide your speakers, you preserve the exquisite style of your home’s design without having to sacrifice sound quality. There are many methods to obscure your speakers or make them virtually invisible, read on to learn which method will work best for you and your audio system.

Enjoy High Fidelity Audio with Hidden Speakers Enjoy High Fidelity Audio with Hidden Speakers

Get Top Quality Sound without Any Clutter

Enjoying music the way it was meant to be heard requires high-end speakers carefully designed and engineered to provide clear, pure sound. Unfortunately, many homeowners feel like they have to choose between enjoying music throughout their home and keeping the interior design free of clunky speakers and audio equipment. The good news is that Dallas, Texas homeowners can have the best of both worlds with hidden speakers.

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