3 Refined Alternatives to Traditional Wall Outlets

3 Refined Alternatives to Traditional Wall Outlets

Consider these Home Interior Finishes for Your Baltimore Home

If you look at any magazine picture of a kitchen, you’ll notice one key difference between the walls of that photographed room and the rooms in your home: there are never any outlets present in the magazine photos. There’s a clear explanation for it. Outlets are distracting. They draw attention away from the features of the room that the designer intended to highlight.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply do away with outlets in your home. They serve a vital purpose, after all. However, certain outlet manufacturers have developed alternatives that keep your home interior finishes in mind. If you’re looking for a more seamless, beautiful design for your Maryland home, consider upgrading the outlets with one of these outstanding products.

Legrand’s Pop-Out Outlets

With Legrand’s Adorne collection of wall plates, you can replace those cheap outlet coverings with a sleek option that matches your home’s décor. But the style we’re most excited about is Adorne’s Pop-Out outlets. These outlets blend into the wall, without the plug openings visible. Then, when you want to use the outlet, you tap the middle, causing it to pop out and expose the plug openings. This style is perfect for instances when an outlet is not always in use.


Standard outlets are designed to jut out from the wall, often in a color that is starkly different from the shade on the wall. TRUFIG’s outlets fix both of these problems. The outlet coverings are completely flush with the wall, so you won’t notice any bump where the outlet is located. More importantly, the coverings can be designed to match the exact color or pattern of the surrounding wall – even for custom wallpaper. The result is an outlet that is fully usable but can only be spotted by the most discerning eye.

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Corian Charging Surface

One of the most common instances of outlet clutter is the pervasive phone charger sticking out of the wall, cord coiled along the countertop. What if you could get rid of the cord entirely? Instead, how about simply setting your phone on the kitchen counter, then picking it up 10 minutes later and having it fully charged? DuPont offers Corian countertops with a built-in wireless charging unit that is completely invisible. The countertop uses Wi-Fi to charge your phone – no cords, no clunky plugs. If you prefer a different countertop material than Corian, there are other charging technologies that could be built into other surface types.

These creative ways to replace traditional outlets are just one example of how you can make technology work for your lifestyle and home design. For more ideas on home automation and interior design, subscribe to our monthly learning journal. To learn more about adding these products to your home, contact a local BRAVAS partner.

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