Outdoor Music Systems are Heating Up! Outdoor Music Systems are Heating Up!

Why there’s never been a better time to reinvent your outdoor space

In the past 5 years,  there’s been a rediculous amount of new tech for the backyard, from color changing LED lighting to WiFi and outdoor music. For the past decade or two, all anyone had was speakers hidden inside fake rocks.  Now, you can surf the web, change your pool and landscape colors, heat the jacuzzi, and pick your favorite song from your chair.

As a result, nearly every speaker manufacturer in the country is scrambling to dominate the category.  Making these amazing speaker systems that resemble outdoor lighting fixtures and other contemporary shapes and styles, designers, architects, and homeowners can all rejoice at the sound that compliments the surroundings.  Because all of these look and sound amazing, each speaker company is coming up with ways to differentiate themselves and/or be the price leader.  Below are just a few of the discounts going on right now:

Adding Sophistication and Style with Technology Adding Sophistication and Style with Technology

Minimize the Clutter and Streamline Your Technology

As one of the first significant streaming hits of 2019, Marie Kondo's Netflix phenomenon Tidying Up highlights the distinct relationship between decluttering your home and living a better, more fulfilling life. And while she may be talking about cleaning out closets, architects and designers should pay close attention to her methods.

The lifestyle guru behind the KonMari Method recently told Elle Magazine: “... in the past, most of my clients were interested in organizing. Now, my clients are mainly interested in a life that is more centered around mindfulness and wellness.”

The popularity of her new show indicates an interest in reducing clutter on the path to wellness. And few things can clutter a room more quickly than technology components.

When you're designing your next project, consider factoring in the reality of the role technology plays in the day-to-day lives of your clients. Create a space where the devices remain useful, but they don't dominate the look or feel of the room.

Here, you’ll find some interesting modern solutions that will help you design a less cluttered, more mindful space for your clients. To get more out of the sophistication and style of hidden technology keep reading.

7 Overlooked Home Interior Finishes 7 Overlooked Home Interior Finishes

Small Details Can Have a Big Impact

Whether building a new home in the Atlanta, Georgia area or renovating an older property, there’s no denying that there are a lot of decisions to make. Paint color, furniture placement, cabinetry style, and more – all of these elements come together to form a cohesive interior design. With so much focus on those big picture decisions, it’s easy to overlook the home interior finishes. Below, we outline seven subtle aspects of your home that are worth giving an upgrade.

Showcase Your Luxury Cars in the Ultimate Tech Garage Showcase Your Luxury Cars in the Ultimate Tech Garage

Create the Perfect Home for Your Prized Collection with the Right Technology

When it comes to high-end car collectors, a dimly lit, dusty garage isn’t going to cut it for these most prized possessions. Instead, such cars deserve a luxury home of their own where collectors can show them off to friends and family. Just as these beautiful cars hide impressive technology under the hood, the same should be true of the garage housing them. From motorized shades to smart surveillance, these technology features help you showcase your favorite collection.

5 Examples of the Versatility of Motorized Shades 5 Examples of the Versatility of Motorized Shades

Find Uses for Smart Shades Throughout Your Atlanta, GA Home

It’s one thing to talk about the benefits and applications of smart window treatments, and it’s another to see real-life examples of it. Below, we share five images of rooms and describe how motorized shades added value to each space. As you read over each description, imagine how a similar solution might fit into the different spaces of your home.


How to Select the Best Window Treatments for Glass Architecture How to Select the Best Window Treatments for Glass Architecture

Motorized Shades Offer the Best of Both Worlds

The growing popularity of glass walls in modern homes has had an interesting side effect: innovation in the form of motorized shades. Standard window treatments simply won’t look right with this glass architecture, leaving homeowners seeking an alternative way to maintain privacy, block the harmful rays of the sun, and add a décor element to the space. If you have found yourself facing this problem in your Baltimore, MD area home, then read on for a quick and simple guide to creating the perfect look and feel with motorized shades.

Hide TVs Using Wall Mounts Hide TVs Using Wall Mounts

Protect Your Home’s Interior Design with These Installation Tips

With a variety of hidden TV and speaker options available for your Atlanta, GA home, entertainment systems don’t have to be an eyesore. When it comes to your televisions, you can hide them behind artwork, in the ceiling, or in specialty furniture. In this article, we showcase the real stars behind your hidden TVs: lifts and mounts.

How Far We’ve Come: the Evolution of Smart Home Automation How Far We’ve Come: the Evolution of Smart Home Automation

Exploring the Innovations of Modern Technology

Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, the idea of a smart home was pervasive throughout science fiction movies and television. Shows like the Jetsons depicted homes full of robots and wall-to-wall devices, where all you had to do was push a button, and the smart technology throughout the home would automatically fulfill your request.

Showcase Your Artwork with Hidden TVs Showcase Your Artwork with Hidden TVs

The Interior Design Trend Taking Chicago by Storm

When you walk into a room, would you rather look at a classic Degas or a blank television screen? The choice is clear from an interior design perspective, but from a practical perspective, things get a little more complicated.

The good news is that Chicago, IL area homeowners can get the best of both worlds—a room where the focus stays on your priceless artwork while also giving instant access to high-definition television whenever you want. Hidden TVs behind the artwork make it all possible.

5 Timeless Styles to Incorporate into Your Home Interior Finishes 5 Timeless Styles to Incorporate into Your Home Interior Finishes

Evergreen Décor Choices for Your Cherry Hill Home

These days, everyone has an opinion on what’s “in” for 2017. Will subway tiles be popular for much longer? Are bold wallpapers going to be a fashion faux pas moving forward? Should you go for the butler pantry? Instead of trying to predict the future, go the evergreen route with the interior design equivalent of the Little Black Dress. The following home interior finishes are a smart choice for any New Jersey property.

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