Showcase Your Luxury Cars in the Ultimate Tech Garage

Showcase Your Luxury Cars in the Ultimate Tech Garage

Create the Perfect Home for Your Prized Collection with the Right Technology

When it comes to high-end car collectors, a dimly lit, dusty garage isn’t going to cut it for these most prized possessions. Instead, such cars deserve a luxury home of their own where collectors can show them off to friends and family. Just as these beautiful cars hide impressive technology under the hood, the same should be true of the garage housing them. From motorized shades to smart surveillance, these technology features help you showcase your favorite collection.

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Smart Lighting

With the right lighting design in your garage, it’s easy to show off your favorite models. All cars should be placed under specialty fixtures to give them the spotlight they deserve. Using a smart lighting system, you can adjust the settings for each car. Dimmable fixtures give you the ability to adjust the lighting level, the direction and even change their color to see what looks best. Save these settings using your smartphone or a hand-held remote so you can pull them up at a moment's notice whenever you want to feature a particular car.

Entertainment System

There’s nothing quite like sitting down with friends for a drink while surrounded by your favorite cars. Enhance the environment even more with a comprehensive AV system. Mount in-ceiling speakers and hidden televisions within the garage so that your equipment doesn’t steal the attention from your beautiful collection. From your smartphone or a dedicated touchpad, the TVs drop down and a Hot Rod-inspired playlist begins at the press of a button.

Motorized Shades

Large floor to ceiling windows are a standard design feature in luxury garages. Such a feature offers a dual benefit; a view of your cars even when you're not in the garage and the ability to see you beautifully landscaped property when you're inside interacting with the vehicles. With motorized shades, it's easy to transform your garage, cut glare and reduce the amount of damaging UV rays that cause fading. Additionally, this technology will keep the space from becoming too warm during summer months while still preserving a view to the outside when the shade is in the full down position.

HVAC System

While you likely experience the thrill of driving a stick shift vehicle, it’s unlikely that you enjoy manually adjusting the thermostat in your garage. With a smart HVAC system, you won’t need to think twice about the weather impacting the interior temperature within your garage. The system will react and adjust automatically based on several factors including the conditions outside, the amount of sunlight present, the time of day and the time of year. Your HVAC system can work in tandem with motorized shades to keep your garage at the ideal temperature without over working either the heating or cooling elements.

Before heading out for the day, change the thermostat to an ideal temperature using your smartphone. If there’s a specific time every day that you like to visit your collection, you can also schedule the change to occur automatically.

It’s also important to have special filtering solutions in place to deal with any possible carbon monoxide or poisonous gasses within the space. Your HVAC system can automatically filter out gasses and send you a notification if they exceed a dangerous level. You can also manually activate the filter whenever you plan on turning on a car in the garage.

Security and Surveillance

High-end car collections can go well into the millions and are likely one of the most valuable possession in your home. A luxury garage also needs to have a comprehensive security system installed. Use smart locks with personalized access codes and receive a notification whenever someone opens the garage. You can even receive an accompanying snapshot to make sure the person associated with the code was the one that used it.

No matter where you are, access surveillance footage from your smartphone to check in on your collection. You can even get your technology systems working together. From the same app, you used to pull up live footage, turn on the “Lamborghini Miura” lighting scene to get a good look at the beautiful Italian supercar for a little midday pick-me-up.

Want to upgrade to a luxury garage to show off your high-end cars? Reach out to a local BRAVAS partner for a smart technology solution that will help you showcase and protect your collection.

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