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Increase Your Property Value with Smart Home Automation Increase Your Property Value with Smart Home Automation

Prospective Buyers Will Prefer Homes With Smart Technology Solutions

Beyond the benefits a smart home automation system can bring to your daily life, it can also make it easier to sell your home in the future. A recent study done by Coldwell Banker showed that 81 percent of current smart home owners would be more willing to purchase a home if it already had a technology solution in place. Even those without smart technology experience will get a better first impression once they get to test drive a system. Read on to find out how the right solution can boost the property value of your Mission Viejo, CA home.

Modern or Contemporary, Motorized Shades Fit Any Style Modern or Contemporary, Motorized Shades Fit Any Style

Motorized shades are often considered a staple of the modern smart home. These automatic window treatments create a simple way to improve the ambiance in a room without any manual effort from the homeowner. Yet one deterrent keeping homeowners from embracing motorized shades in their Atlanta, Georgia residences is a fear that such technology won’t offer the same level of quality in materials and design selection. Fortunately, that is not the case. Keep reading to learn about the many possibilities for designing motorized shades that are perfectly tailored to your high-end style.

Simplify Your Listening Experience with Multi-Room Audio Simplify Your Listening Experience with Multi-Room Audio

Focus Less on the Technology and More on Music Enjoyment

Listening to music isn’t supposed to be a complicated process. However, with today’s complex technology, it’s not uncommon for audiophiles to find themselves sifting through different remotes, apps, and steps just to be able to listen to a particular song. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep reading to learn how the right multi-room audio system can make it effortless to enjoy your music whenever and wherever you want in your Atlanta, Georgia home.

Elevate Your Home with Light Elevate Your Home with Light

Use Lighting Automation to Enhance Your Home’s Style, Comfort, and Security

You take pride in your San Francisco, CA home. You have created a space for you and your family to feel warm, relaxed, and safe. But there is perhaps one element whose effect on your home experience you may have underestimated: the lighting. In order to maximize the feeling of sanctuary in your home, look to lighting automation. With the aid of a professional’s eye, automated lighting can highlight your home’s already impeccable style, simplify your life, and optimize your security. To learn how, read on. 

3 Facets of a Luxury Multi-Room Audio System 3 Facets of a Luxury Multi-Room Audio System

The Must-Have Features for Your Home

For many people, music is an essential part of life. It invigorates the soul in the morning and soothes us during the evening. Music is well known to have a significant impact on mood, productivity, and even health. That’s why it makes sense to create the perfect environment for music enjoyment in your Baltimore, MD home. Elevating the quality of music to its highest potential requires more than just off-the-shelf speakers stuck on bookshelves and end tables. Below, we discuss the features that turn a regular multi-room audio system into one that is fit for a luxury home.

How to Avoid these 4 Common Wi-Fi Networking Mistakes How to Avoid these 4 Common Wi-Fi Networking Mistakes

Make Sure You Have a Strong, Reliable Signal Throughout Your Home

The days when you could rely on your internet provider to set up your home’s Wi-Fi networking solution are in the past. That's because your network has become the backbone of a connected home, used for communicating with friends and family, working remotely, and enjoying your favorite entertainment. How can you ensure the network in your Atlanta, GA home is up to the task? In larger homes, you need to have a robust, well-designed network to avoid constant hassles and dead spots. In this blog, we discuss some of the mistakes you want to avoid when designing a network for your home. 

How Smart Lighting is Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs How Smart Lighting is Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs

Give Your Space a More Personal Feel with Customized Control

Few things can infuse elegance into your home better than the right type and quality of light. Through a home lighting control system, you can easily manage the lights to showcase the best interior features while improving your day-to-day living. Have direct control over each fixture from the device of your choice and find the perfect settings for your bedroom, media room, and outdoor spaces. Elevate the look and feel of your Houston, TX luxury home by taking advantage of these four customizable features.

High-Performance Audio Is Stronger Than Ever High-Performance Audio Is Stronger Than Ever

Take Advantage of High-Fidelity Sound in Your Southern New Jersey Home

When researching the best high-performance audio components, certain performance specifications can give you an indication of a specific product’s characteristics, but do they tell you everything? Full-range speakers with low distortion, and amplifiers with a lot of headroom are relevant parameters, but the proof is in the listening. What are the dimensions of your listening room? Is the room dedicated to music, or is the system going to be installed in a room used for other functions? What are your aesthetic concerns? After all, we may critically look at the gear as much as we critically listen to it. So, looks can and do count. But above all, what experience from our budding system do we seek?

Wear an Iconic Timepiece Wear an Iconic Timepiece

Auction Houses Offer Rare and Vintage Pieces

Wristwatch ownership offers many advantages and pleasures beyond accurately measuring time. Just like people find value in owning and wearing fine jewelry, the same can be said about wristwatches. For the practical buyer, the value of watches is often entirely emotional, meaning every penny spent buys you greater emotional satisfaction. Typically, any timepiece over $200 is more jewelry than watch and therefore one ought to forget about evaluating the item by adding up the cost of its components, calculating the value of precious metals or the mechanism inside. Savor the feeling you get when you slip a luxury watch around your wrist.

Take Your Home Theater Design Up a Notch Take Your Home Theater Design Up a Notch

3 Tips for Creating that Luxurious Home Theater Look

Any private home theater design presents an opportunity to personalize a movie experience unique to you. A lot of thought and strategy goes into creating a home theater design that is eye-catching, and perfectly optimized for that larger-than-life viewing experience. Here are three things to keep in mind when working with an AV professional to design a private theater in your Mission Viejo or seaside California home.

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