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5 of the Best Smart Home Products for 2023 5 of the Best Smart Home Products for 2023

In a year filled with supply-chain issues, it isn’t surprising that 2022 was a slow year for the introduction of new smart home products. But even in such a difficult time, we saw some exciting announcements and have spent more time working with the best products from the previous years. Read on to learn about some of the products that we are most excited to work with in 2023.

The Ultimate Media Room Accessory – an LED Video Wall The Ultimate Media Room Accessory – an LED Video Wall

There is no experience in the home quite as impressive as a dedicated theater with a larger-than-life projector. Similarly, a beautifully hung TV serves as a finishing touch in a family room. But when it comes to spaces like media rooms, the decision isn’t so simple. Homeowners have always had to choose between a bright image or a large image. Those that wanted both were able to combine multiple televisions into a video wall, but then they were punished with lines through the middle of their image where the TVs abutted each other. For the homeowner looking to build the ultimate luxury media room, the perfect option finally does exist. 

3 Tricks to Make Any Room a Home Theater 3 Tricks to Make Any Room a Home Theater

Many of us haven’t been in a movie theater since the pandemic began in early 2020, and depending on your point of view, that may or may not be a good thing. Most of us probably don’t miss the crowds, lines, or overpriced concessions, but for those without a great home theater, you may miss the experience of watching a movie with great sound and on a big screen. But just because your home doesn’t have a dedicated cinema doesn’t mean you can’t have a theater experience in your home.

While most theater equipment, like projectors and tower speakers, are made for dedicated rooms, there are a bunch of great products to help you enjoy a cinema-quality experience in any room of your home. Three of our favorites are invisible speakers, power-pipe subwoofers, and short-throw projectors; read on to learn how each can help turn any room into your own private cinema.

Top 10 Home Automation Mistakes Top 10 Home Automation Mistakes

When discussing homes today, conversations typically turn to home automation. Friends, neighbors, social media, and websites proclaim the best solutions and tools to make your home smart. But generic information can and does lead to some very poor outcomes. Talking with the BRAVAS team, we came up with this list of 10 mistakes we often see.

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