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The Lutron Alisse Keypad adds a sleek elegance to your lighting design. Learn more about it here.

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A common word used to describe luxury goods is “refined.” In context, it often describes things in which the smallest of details improve the ownership experience substantially. A custom-tailored suit, hand-stitched leather, or a complicated watch movement all come to mind. In a luxury home you will probably find natural stones, solid metal door hardware and high-end plumbing fixtures, but even the most expensive homes will still typically share one detail with your average starter home - cheap plastic light switches.


Lighting control has long been used to streamline the number of switches needed to control the home, removing unsightly clutter from the walls. But even those lighting control keypads, a luxury item by any standard, have been made from unattractive and cheap-feeling plastics. This is even more surprising when you consider how often you interact with your lights. In a truly luxurious space, the things you touch are one of the most important details to consider, yet we have seen more expensive materials used on gutters than on keypads.


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