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Creating the Perfect Wellness Room Creating the Perfect Wellness Room

Our minds are sort of like an MP3 player and are very adept at mental time travel. We can fast forward and think about the future and everything we want or need to do. We can also rewind and think back on past experiences - sometimes even dwelling on those experiences. Mindfulness meditation and yoga practices train your brain to keep the button on play so that we are completely aware and in the present moment of our experience. 

Carving out time in your busy day to decompress with a dedicated meditation or yoga practice is a great way to reduce stress, improve memory and focus, and increase overall wellness – among many other benefits. Solutions for Yoga and Wellness spaces can be as simple as a quiet room in your home but can be as unique as your imagination allows. But what place does home technology have in a room dedicated to wellness? Read on for some considerations on designing the perfect wellness room or yoga space to keep you in the present moment.

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