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4 Steps to Avoid Hating the Color in Your Home Theater 4 Steps to Avoid Hating the Color in Your Home Theater

Choosing colors is hard; it just is. I struggle to choose colors for a new car, and I only have a few choices there. When it comes to selecting colors for a new home, there are SO many options that it can seem impossible to choose one you will love. This is even harder when you don't know what it will look like in the home, where the natural and artificial light look so much different than in a showroom or hardware store.

Whatever color you end up with for the majority of your home, one thing is certain. It won't be the right choice for your theater. So how do you avoid choosing the wrong color for your theater? Here are some tips from your home theater designer.

Home Theaters VS Media Rooms Home Theaters VS Media Rooms

You may have heard of dedicated home theaters or private cinemas, but what makes them different from media rooms? For Home theater design companies like BRAVAS and our partners like Builders, Architects, and Interior Designers, the distinction is important. This blog will touch on the difference between the two, so you can define your vision with your contractors.

Private Cinema VS Theater Private Cinema VS Theater

A dedicated home theater is a huge improvement over watching movies in your family room, but some theaters are simply more impressive than others. We like to refer to these truly special spaces as private cinemas. They are more than just a windowless room; they are an experience, a portal right into the movies on the screen. We are going to share a few things from our perspective as home theater designers that you can do to make your home theater a true replacement for the movie theater experience.

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