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In Office Design, The Lines Between Home and Work Blur In Office Design, The Lines Between Home and Work Blur

In the extreme, commercial and residential technology integrations are very different. Both projects have shades, lighting controls, TVs, audio, and security, but the scale can be very different. At BRAVAS, we do a few home projects every year with more than 20 rooms with TVs, but they don’t have video conferencing. There can be hundreds of rooms in a commercial project, and all of them may have TVs and conferencing capabilities. As an office design company, we know firsthand that commercial projects are often of a massive scale as compared to most homes.


Today, after a year of working from home, some of us are starting to head back into our offices. However, as we re-enter these spaces, while many of the office chairs are better, we have noticed other elements of the experience are not as good. We explored some of the issues in a recent BRAVAS Luxury Living podcast which you can hear here.

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