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The Evolution of Security Cameras The Evolution of Security Cameras

In recent years, security cameras have undergone significant advancements, revolutionizing the way we perceive and utilize surveillance technology. Not only have these advancements resulted in improved camera clarity and footage recording capabilities, but they have also brought forth remarkable strides in artificial intelligence (AI) integration. In this blog post, we will delve into the transformative changes that have taken place within the security camera industry, focusing on three key aspects: camera clarity, footage recording, and AI enhancements.

5 Reasons to Switch to Color at Night Cameras 5 Reasons to Switch to Color at Night Cameras

Home camera systems have made huge leaps forward over the last few years. Just think about all of the porch pirate videos we saw around the holidays from doorbell cameras. But that technological shift was slow to make it to the bigger home surveillance systems. However, this new generation of home surveillance is so much better than systems from the past, and we are going to share five reasons why.

Seeing the Big Picture with Security Camera Installation Seeing the Big Picture with Security Camera Installation

Surveillance products, like security cameras and doorbell cameras, are an increasingly common addition to the home. As a security camera installation company, we get those calls all the time. Smartphones have made them much more useful, and simple DIY options like Ring doorbells have shown just how powerful they can be. Whether you want to know what is happening at home, you want to deter porch pirates, or you have legitimate concerns about your safety, there is a camera option for you. Whatever your reason for considering a surveillance system, following the guidelines below will help ensure your system does exactly what you need.

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