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Why you need a Home Theater instead of a Boom Box! Why you need a Home Theater instead of a Boom Box!

It might seem like somewhat of a stretch to compare any home theater to a boom box, but we are basically looking to point out why a proper home theater is so much more desirable than any other type of stereo equipment (with a bit of humor wired into the equation…).

SONOS: A New Way to Play Everything! SONOS: A New Way to Play Everything!

As part of our diverse resumé of consumer electronics products, BRAVAS is proud to offer Sonos multi-room audio technology – an advanced system of wireless high fidelity speakers and audio components that connect to various streaming media sources on the Internet as well as music storage devices throughout your home. Built to integrate with mobile, tablet and desktop hardware, the app-driven Sonos system allows you to access a virtually endless repertoire of music and distribute it easily and efficiently throughout your home.

DSC – Security For The 21st Century DSC – Security For The 21st Century

Founded in 1979, DSC (Digital Security Controls) has become a world leader in electronic security products. Since the beginning, the engineers and designers at DSC have reshaped the security market with revolutionary control panels, industry-leading IP alarm monitoring products and sleek, self-contained wireless alarm systems.

With a proud history of innovation, DSC introduced the industry’s first micro-processor-based alarm panels that set new standards for performance, convenience and ease-of-use.  Based in Toronto, Canada, DSC is a global brand that continues to set the standard in the areas of security monitoring services, Internet security and wireless security hardware, and can be found in homes and businesses across the world.

How Can Home Automation Improve The Quality Of Life? How Can Home Automation Improve The Quality Of Life?

Home Automation can be as simple as installing basic light management or as sophisticated as setting up complex computer / controller based networks with varying degrees of capability for controlling your entire home. The intent is to simplify your life and help you live comfortably by automating everyday tasks and giving you remote access to your home when you're away. The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years due to enhanced affordability and simplicity through smartphone and app-driven connectivity.

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