What Is Human-Centric Lighting? What Is Human-Centric Lighting?

Bring the Benefits of Nature into Your Home

Lighting can profoundly impact the way we feel. We notice this in extreme circumstances: strobe lights might make our heart race; a dimly lit hallway may make one feel uneasy; and an incredibly bright room makes us feel exposed. We’ve all attended a party that would have felt more comfortable if the lights were slightly dimmed, and we’ve all spent time in windowless offices that felt particularly bleak.  

These circumstances are glaringly obvious when observing how light impacts us. But what if your home’s lights are always subtly influencing your mental state? That’s the idea behind human-centric lighting, a new movement of smart technology that brings the benefit of natural light into your home. Read on to see how it works and how human centric lighting can improve your daily life.

How to Boost Your Home Lighting Control with Scenes How to Boost Your Home Lighting Control with Scenes

Access Multiple Components At Once to Get the Most Out of Your Technology

One of the most important features of your home lighting control system is the ability to manage multiple fixtures at once. Many of these scenes can even be scheduled to occur at a given time every day or be activated by motion sensors, offering hands-free control options. Everything from waking up to watching movies is made easier through the use of scenes. Need some inspiration for your space? Below we describe some of the most popular lighting scenes.

Get Perfectly Lit Outdoor Spaces Get Perfectly Lit Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy the Houston Fall Weather with Outdoor Lighting

The weather is finally turning in Houston, TX from the hot summer months to the lovely, cooler temperatures of fall and winter. While the rest of the country moves inside, it’s time for you to prepare your outdoor entertaining space. Adding home lighting automation to your outdoor environment is the best way to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the weather throughout the evenings, even as the hours of sunlight in a day wane. The right lighting will set the stage for the perfect outdoor entertainment space that can include outdoor televisions and audio systems. So whether you’re planning on having family and friends over to watch a football game or spending a weekend evening with your family, read on to see how outdoor lighting automation can provide a breath of fresh air.

Elevate Your Home with Light Elevate Your Home with Light

Use Lighting Automation to Enhance Your Home’s Style, Comfort, and Security

You take pride in your San Francisco, CA home. You have created a space for you and your family to feel warm, relaxed, and safe. But there is perhaps one element whose effect on your home experience you may have underestimated: the lighting. In order to maximize the feeling of sanctuary in your home, look to lighting automation. With the aid of a professional’s eye, automated lighting can highlight your home’s already impeccable style, simplify your life, and optimize your security. To learn how, read on. 

How Smart Lighting is Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs How Smart Lighting is Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs

Give Your Space a More Personal Feel with Customized Control

Few things can infuse elegance into your home better than the right type and quality of light. Through a home lighting control system, you can easily manage the lights to showcase the best interior features while improving your day-to-day living. Have direct control over each fixture from the device of your choice and find the perfect settings for your bedroom, media room, and outdoor spaces. Elevate the look and feel of your Houston, TX luxury home by taking advantage of these four customizable features.

Host Better Parties with Home Lighting Automation Host Better Parties with Home Lighting Automation

Entertain Friends and Family with Smart Control of Your Lights

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start preparing to host friends and family. Getting your luxury home ready is going to take more than some late spring cleaning; why not invest in design and technology upgrades that leave a lasting impression? One upgrade to consider is a home lighting automation system. With intuitive control of your lights, it’s easier than ever to be a gracious host this holiday season. Read on to learn the many ways you can use this technology in your Atlanta, GA home.

How to Bring Out Your Home’s Style with Elegant Lighting How to Bring Out Your Home’s Style with Elegant Lighting

Eliminate Unsightly Clutter While Highlighting Your Home’s Best Features

When you’re designing a brand new luxury home, you’ll need to take every little detail into account. From the classical architectural features to the interior layout, it'll all play a factor in your Atlanta, GA home's unique style. Something that interior designers along with their clients often consider is the amount of available natural light, as it’s likely to greatly affect aesthetics. But the artificial light, and how you manage it, will also make a big difference. In this learning piece, we explain how a home lighting control system can help you make the most of your interior design.

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