Use Your Favorite Artwork to Hide Your Speakers

Use Your Favorite Artwork to Hide Your Speakers

Bring a Stylistic Audio Solution into Your San Francisco Home

Revamping your interior design can be as simple as adding a stylistic pop to your electronics. Eliminate clutter and add personality to your San Francisco, CA home by turning speakers into works of art. With the right technology, these hidden speakers can bring together your love of art and music. A niche within the home audio industry has devoted itself to speakers that feature famous works of art, personal drawings or even photos.

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Combining Art and Audio

While hidden speakers typically come in the form of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that disappear into your décor, electronics can also be hidden in plain view. A great example is the growing trend of art speakers. These speakers are typically very thin and contain no grills or other openings. Instead they’re covered by a flat acoustic material that can be painted over.

You can place hidden speakers behind the artwork or image of your choice. Some companies have in-house artists that provide pieces or partner up with stock photo companies to give you a plethora of classic and modern photography options. You're not limited to the options provided by the manufacturer. Any image can be printed on the speakers, so you can submit your own artwork or personal photographs to place on top of your speakers.

If you want to create a stylistic theme within your home, you can also pair these speakers with mounts that cover televisions with artwork. By combining these two technologies, you can transform your television and speakers into a panel of art in your bedroom or living room.

A Camouflaged Look

You can also use this technology to give your interior décor a more cohesive feel. By flush mounting your speakers and having them painted the same color as the surrounding wall, they are neatly camouflaged and therefore do not disrupt the room’s interior. This is essentially the same idea behind invisible in-wall speakers, except that there’s no piece of drywall separating the listener from the sound.

Consistent Sound Quality

Like most in-ceiling and in-wall options, art speakers are designed to offer wide audio dispersion. By using vibrations within the speaker to create sound, your favorite music is broadcast evenly throughout the room.

This results in better entertainment spaces where no area is too loud or too soft. With hidden speakers that offer even dispersal, you can walk around without a noticeable change in volume. An added benefit is that it makes it easier to keep speakers hidden. The magic of the art speaker would be broken if guests could immediately tell where the sound was coming from.

Our expert technicians work hand in hand with your interior designers to find out which speakers make the most sense for your home and where to install them. To learn more, contact a local BRAVAS partner.

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