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Smart Power: Take Control of your Home Energy

Smart Power: Take Control of your Home Energy

As technology has advanced, Smart Power Management Systems have become increasingly popular, allowing homeowners to take energy management into their own hands.  Power management systems like Savant Power are designed to give homeowners personalized control over their energy consumption and management.

It begins with smart breakers that provide circuit-by-circuit visibility and control of energy usage. This allows homeowners to make lifestyle changes to reduce energy consumption and identify problems that may lead to high bills. The system also combines grid power, alternative power sources, and energy storage systems, as well as an intuitive control system to create “energy scenes” that determine which circuits and appliances should receive power during an outage. With this, power can be sent to where it is needed most and can be changed at any time. 

With these breakers in place, you can monitor your energy production and storage at a glance and receive personalized notifications, like when a severe storm is approaching.  The system will then prioritize charging your backup power batteries to prepare for a storm-related outage. 

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The range of benefits of these systems can make homes more comfortable, efficient, secure, and valuable - from reducing energy costs to enhancing security. Most importantly, they give you the assurance that your power will be available whenever you require it, no matter what life or the weather throws at you.

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