The Essential Technology Features for Your Private Luxury Spa

The Essential Technology Features for Your Private Luxury Spa

How Technology Adds Sophistication and Comfort to Your Spa Experience

Taking a trip around the world to visit the most incredible spas is always fun and interesting, but at the end of the day, nothing beats the convenience and comfort of having a spa in your own home. The benefits of a private spa at home are endless—you can customize every nook and cranny, include designer brands you use every day, and tailor the controls to your daily schedule. Here’s how you can incorporate technology to improve the experience in your personal spa.

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Incorporate Multi-Room Music into Your Spa

Music is a huge element to relaxation. The right sounds will help soothe your mind and make you forget about all of your troubles. And finding the right track and getting it to play through the speakers certainly shouldn’t add to those troubles. That’s where multi-room music comes in.

A multi-room music system puts the controls in your hands so you can access thousands of tracks instantly from a variety of sources. You can press on a button on the touchpad hanging on the wall, and your entire personal spa will start playing the sounds of a gentle waterfall or light instrumentals. Play the same track in every room or put on different ones. If your friend comes for a visit, they can pick their own song as they get a massage or relax in the steam room. Of course, each speaker will be hidden out of sight and out of mind. Invisible speakers are perfect for individual spaces like this since you will focus on the beautiful artwork and be transported to another world.

Automate Your Entire Spa Experience

Imagine waking up to soothing music and then walking into your spa. A morning ritual sequence will start automatically. First the steam room will turn on and welcome you inside for 20 minutes to open up your pores. Then you can enter a waterfall shower and use a salt scrub while you watch the morning news. The TV will turn on itself, and the shower will be on your favorite heated setting. Then the lights will turn on as you walk into your closet to choose an outfit for the day. As soon as you leave, they automatically turn off.

A similar setting can start whenever you get back home at the end of the day too. An occupancy sensor will detect when you walk into the spa and turn the lights on to 50 percent. Music will begin to play as you wind down with a glass of wine in the spa bath.

Whether you want the system to work automatically, start and stop based on your movements, or just when you press a button, the system can be tailored to your unique specifications. Buttons can even have fun labels, like “Spa Day,” “Wine Down,” and “Wake-up.”

Focus on the Little Details to Make It Extra Special

The lighting, audio, video, and controls are all important when it comes to adding technology to your spa, but it’s those little details that make it unique to you. Do you love a particular line of beauty products? Keep the skin care and cosmetics on display in your bathroom under recessed lights, so they are easy to access and beautiful to look at. Use fragrance sprays that automatically give a puff every couple of hours to keep the rooms smelling of lavender or eucalyptus.

Anything can be automated or highlighted using technology. For that extra “wow factor” hide some aspects of room and reveal them with motorized lifts. For example, hide a TV behind a beautiful piece of art in your bathhouse. Press one button and the picture will rise to reveal the screen.

There’s nothing better than coming home to a relaxing room after a stressful day. Make your spa unique by consulting with your BRAVAS partner in your area.

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