The Best Way to Relax Indoors

The Best Way to Relax Indoors

Rec Rooms Add to a Homeowner’s Quality of Life

Many homeowners today choose to allot one room of the house as a space for relaxation. Each household has its own version and label: home theater room, games room, private bar, man-cave, etc., but all of this falls under one designation – recreation room or rec room for short. If you’re looking to have a spot which creates the right atmosphere for unwinding, then a rec room is what you need.

What makes a recreation room special?

Unlike the living room or bedroom which have multiple functions, a dedicated recreation room is exclusively set up to have the best combination of ambience as well as equipment which are solely for relieving stress or passing time. If you’re having visitors, a rec room is also a great area for hosting gatherings and parties. It’s where you could go all out playing table tennis or billiards with family and friends, watching your favorite movies or engaging in video games. The best part is that it’s a win-win situation – you won’t disturb other people in the house or your neighbors and you won’t be distracted from fully enjoying your passion or hobby.

Where and how to build your recreation room?

A basement is the most common location for a recreation room, but you can build it in other parts of the house provided that you create the right arrangements or renovations if necessary. Additionally, decide which type of hobbies you want to make the room for before you construct your ‘de-stress zone’. If it’s going to be a home theater or a listening room, we’ve mentioned the ideal dimensions in a previous post which are 17 feet wide, 10 feet tall and 23 feet long. These measurements also work well for a video game room or an indoor sports room.

Furthermore, a rec room – especially home theaters, listening rooms and video game rooms, almost always need to be soundproof. Like mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t want to disturb other people and you wouldn’t want to be disturbed either. Soundproofing is the most effective way to block outside noise and to keep the sound inside from leaking out. However, although keeping the decibels at tolerable levels is an important process, soundproofing your recreation room is not just for minimizing noise. Using the right materials and acoustic layout for the project leads to a more effective structure for conducting and reverberating sound waves. The result is enhanced immersion and engagement in your favorite hobbies.

When watching movies or playing games, sound is frequently considered more important than picture quality. Studies revealed that if audio quality is mediocre or bad, viewers are more likely to give negative feedback no matter how good the picture quality might be. In addition, a recreational channel hosting thematic casual games for global audiences published a guide about how sound and music can affect the overall experience of playtime sessions, and the guide explained that audio does so much more than just provide entertainment. These melodies serve as a stimulant to enhance the user’s immersion in a game. In other words, sound and music create a sense of ‘being in the game’ rather than just playing and seeing how the game progresses. This works in a similar way for home theaters, which is why in our previous post about home theater design, we’ve mentioned that in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are the best option in order to enjoy the auditory aspect of every movie.

Is a recreation room a worthy addition to your home?

For many homeowners, the answer is an easy yes. Considering the fast-paced lifestyle and hectic daily routines that people experience, finding that sweet spot in the privacy of your home to wash away the unwanted external stimulus, such as stress and pressure, is often deemed a necessity.

On the flipside, there are other factors to be considered such as if the rec room is not for on-going, long-term use. For instance, does the family plan to grow in the near future with the addition of a son or daughter while the house only has one extra room. Just like other major home renovations, looking at things further ahead is a deciding factor if you’re considering to build a rec room.

All in all, a recreation room has several benefits especially as it related to a homeowner’s quality of life. It’s a serious investment though, which is why thorough planning and the right room set-up are crucial. For more home and business design solutions, you may check out our other topics or subscribe to receive a Learning Journal monthly.

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