Sail in Luxury with Yacht Automation

Sail in Luxury with Yacht Automation

Consider Adding Premier Technology to Your Yacht for the Ultimate Comfort

Adding style and comfort to your luxury yacht is a primary concern when you entertain business partners, friends, and family, but have you considered adding professional audio, video, and automation controls to your boat? Your guests will be able to stay connected to the mainland through the use of a commercial-grade network, making it easy to watch cable TV or download a new movie. Your crew will also be able to easily tailor every part of your sea vessel for intimate dinners, cocktails at sunset and more.

Keep reading to discover how to elevate your yacht experience with luxury technology.  

Internet, Cable TV, and Phone Systems for Yachts

When your Internet service drops at home, it can be frustrating, but when you are miles out on the water it can become a matter of life and death. Ensuring you keep a strong, reliable connection at sea is not only imperative, it provides another level of comfort and luxury for your guests. Automation professionals ensure your yacht keeps a strong network connection to your marine satellite internet, phone, and TV provider whether the water is calm or rough.

Our BRAVAS partners use high-quality, durable satellite domes that are water tight. The marine satellite and digital antenna systems are built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

BRAVAS partners also consistently monitors each service provider so you receive up-to-date information about your Internet provider. In an emergency you will be able to communicate with the mainland and when it’s calm you’ll be able to surf the Internet and watch the news.

Audio & Video Systems

If you enjoy lounging in your custom theater at home, bring the same comfort to the sea. Add flat screen, 4K TVs and surround sound to every cabin or a single den on one level. Want to watch a sports game by the bar? Add a TV to your deck and sip a craft cocktail while you catch up with ESPN. Smart audio is also perfect for parties because you can play music of any genre by streaming a playlist via Spotify or using an iPod that has your digital collection. Enjoy dinner at sunset while listening to some relaxing jazz music and then turn up the volume and change the channel later to get everyone dancing on the deck.

Easy-to-use Controls for Your Crew

Managing a crew of 10 to 20 people can be difficult when they need to access every control. Make it easy for your staff by installing a smart system that can easily access the audio, video, communication, shades, lighting and more. They’ll be able to change the music with a tablet, touch panel on the wall or you can do it yourself with your smartphone. Both wireless and wired technology will ensure the connections are reliable and seamless.

If the prospect of adding smart audio, video, and automation to your boat excites you, reach out to your local BRAVAS partner.

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