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Make Your Home a Wellness Retreat with Home Automation Systems

Make Your Home a Wellness Retreat with Home Automation Systems

How Smart Lighting, Shades, & Audio Can Add to Your Wellbeing

Some people feel like their home was made for them. Others may feel like their house is more of a building they happen to live in. Wherever you fall, why not design your home to fit your lifestyle, rather than the other way around? With our home automation systems, homeowners are making the most of their daily lives and feeling better than ever.

Smart technology is no longer about the flashiest gadgets—it’s about wellness and improving our human experience. Discover the new health and wellness benefits of smart technology below.

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Wellness Lighting

Don’t we all feel our best while relaxing on a beach or walking through a forest? Exposure to nature and natural sunlight has been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and we need daylight to regulate our internal clocks. Yet we spend most of our time indoors under artificial bulbs, between our offices and homes. Luckily, with smart tunable lighting, you can bring the benefits of natural light indoors.

Tunable LED bulbs in a smart system will automatically regulate brightness and color temperature throughout the day. Lighting fixtures will transition to mimic a sunny sky, starting with bright, almost blue-white hues in the morning, leaving you feeling energized and upbeat. In the afternoon, lights will become more subdued and warmer, prompting your mind to produce melatonin for a good night’s sleep and reducing the risk of headaches. With the right design in your house, it should feel as though windows are on every wall. 

Convenience with Motorized Shades

It may not be too much of a hassle to lower your shades, but with everything else on your to-do list, the tiny tasks can add up. Add convenience and comfort to your life with motorized shades. From one press of a button or asking your voice-activated speaker, every shade in your house can lower at the same time. Plus, each blind will be perfectly aligned, resulting in a neat and elegant appearance. You won’t have to fumble with drawstrings or accidentally block valuable sunlight on cold days. Heat sensors can prompt your blinds to open or close once the room becomes too hot or cold.

Nature Sounds & Multi-Room Audio

Just like the visual effects of nature provide wellness benefits, so can nature sounds. With a multi-room audio system, you can schedule nature tracks to play at specific times of day. Awaken to birds chirping or the sound of a breeze through trees, as the soundtrack gradually starts playing louder while you wake. Set your speakers to play nature sounds at bedtime too, readying your mind for deep, calm sleep. Of course, you can play your favorite albums and playlists over whole-home audio too. Since listening to music in the home has been proven to reduce stress, improve relationships, and enhance motivation, this will make home feel even more like a sanctuary.

Smart Control of it All

Smart technology isn’t very relaxing if you’re toggling between separate remotes and apps. Bring all of your devices under one umbrella with a single comprehensive system.  You’ll be able to merge your audio, lighting, shades, and thermostat to create preset scenes. Want shades to lower at the same time the downstairs lights go off? You can make that happen right from your smartphone, tablet, or control panel.

If you’d like to incorporate wellness technology in your home, BRAVAS Group is your partner for the job. To get in touch with our experienced and certified technology professionals, fill out our form here!

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