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Jump Start Your Entertainment with An Outdoor Home Theater Installer

Jump Start Your Entertainment with An Outdoor Home Theater Installer

If you have read any of our other outdoor blogs, you have heard us say that you can now replicate almost any smart home feature outdoors, and theaters are no different. The experience won’t be identical. You don’t have walls for instance, but creating a truly fantastic theater experience outdoors is possible if you know what you are doing. Luckily, as expert outdoor home theater installers we have some tips on how to get the most out the entertainment in your home.


The first challenge to overcome is getting video in your outdoor theater. If you are happy with a television, then using a large outdoor TV is the way to go. 4K outdoor TVs are readily available in sizes up to 85”. We much prefer projection systems for the ultimate experience, but they are trickier to install outdoors. In most cases we would recommend a motorized screen that retracts into a weather tight housing. The projector should be concealed the same way and should have plenty of airflow around it if you live in a warmer climate. We have even installed projectors that retract into fully insulated portions of the home, to keep them from harm when not in use.



The next thing you need when designing your outdoor theater is audio. The same speakers used for outdoor landscape systems can work well because they are very directional. If you have a small seating area, or neighbors nearby, these can be a great option. There are also brands that make much larger format speakers that can be used outdoors. These are helpful, as many outdoor theaters don’t have boundaries, like walls or ceilings, to help boost the output of speakers. Even outdoors, we can still enjoy surround sound and substantial bass output, two of the factors that add dramatically to the experience of the theater.


Other Details

Most outdoor furniture isn’t designed for sitting in hours at a time. When you choose your furniture, it is best to have several seating options. Whatever you buy, choose furniture that is comfortable and allows you to watch an entire movie (or three!) in comfort. If you have a nice lawn space for people to lounge in the grass, it will give you more options without filling you entire space with chairs.

Last but not least, consider when you plan to use your backyard theater, and ensure your location works for that time of day. Most of the time this will be at night, so in that case it is most important to ensure you can control the nearby lights that could impact your screen.


Whatever you do, remember that backyard theaters are all about fun, so make sure what you build can be enjoyed by the entire family. The best way to do that is to reach out to your local outdoor home theater installer by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

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