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James Soundbars

James Soundbars

Custom Width to Match your TV

Modern TVs are simply incredible. They are thin, smart, high-resolution, bright, and far more affordable than in the past. Some of them, like the Samsung Frame TV, look like art hanging on your wall, and OLED televisions deliver a picture that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. In fact, I can think of only one area where TVs have actually gotten worse, and that is the sound. It’s not just worse…it’s awful.

In the race to make the thinnest, most affordable TV, sound quality was the loser. Today’s TVs tend to have smaller speakers installed in the back of the TV, which makes dialog almost unintelligible and creates more noise than sound.

An easy solution is a soundbar, but most soundbars don’t sound much better than the TV speakers, and they make the beautiful new TV look much worse. Luckily, soundbars don’t have to look or sound bad.

James Loudspeaker builds high-quality soundbars that can be custom-matched to the width of your TV. We can mount these custom soundbars on the TV, install them flush in the wall, or even in a mantle. While these soundbars do require an amplifier, we have options that install on the back of the TV, so there is nothing to see and no additional wires to run. 

If you are willing to have us run wires, your options become almost endless. We install high-quality speakers in walls, ceilings, and even inside cabinets. We have speakers that match your recessed lighting and speakers that are completely invisible once installed. We sell tower speakers that look like works of art and small bookshelf speakers that can hide among your decorations. All of these options can be made to sound like the best theater you have ever experienced but in any room in your home.

Whether you just want to better understand the dialog on your favorite shows, or you are looking to add theater-quality sound to your bedroom, BRAVAS has an option for you, so don’t settle for poor audio or ugly soundbars. Contact us to get started.

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