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Is Your Home Made to Entertain?

Is Your Home Made to Entertain?

The Stunning Tech That Sets Your Gathering Areas Apart

It’s that time of year again. As Christmas draws near, there’s a party every week – each one more impressive than the last.

As you prepare to open up your home for a get-together with friends and family, it seems a fitting time to ask yourself if your property is evoking the full sense of panache befitting your lifestyle.

The most common smart technology upgrades in luxury homes are typically focused on improving comfort and convenience for the homeowner, but we would like to challenge you on another upgrade particularly important in this season of festivities: your gathering areas.

Below, we cover the technologies that will not only make life more comfortable for you but will also create the stunning ambiance that will draw admiration from anyone who steps through the door.


Motorized Lifts

Televisions that appear from the ceiling, a bar that appears from behind a false wall, a fire pit that is there when you want it and hidden from sight at all other times… with motorized lifts, any element of your home can appear or disappear at the push of a button.

Silent, smooth, and elegant, these hidden mechanisms give the sense of a high-tech environment without requiring any changes to your interior design style.

Smart Windows

Look, we know you didn’t buy that winter home in São Paolo because you hated the view.

So why cover your windows with shades? It’s 2017 – technology has a solution.

For instance, self-tinting windows are a smart way to minimize the UV rays while still enjoying everything your property has to offer.

The best part? As your holiday party runs into the night, your windows will gradually return to full transparency. Your guests will enjoy the beauty of the city at night adding to your home’s interior design.

Electronic Charging Furniture

We’ve all been here: Out on the yacht, enjoying a little sea breeze with the friends and family, when our smartphone gives us that 15 percent power warning.

The basic approach would be to pull out the charger and deal with an unsightly cord curling from outlet to the phone.

The approach that will add that extra level of impressiveness to your home? Charging furniture.

All you have to do is place your device on a table or countertop and allow it to work its magic.

Everyone at your gathering can enjoy fully charged devices that they don’t even have to think about, while you get back to sharing old stories over a glass of port.

AI Voice Control

Siri can help you find fun facts and get you where you need to go, but the failing of most voice control devices available today is that they’re not truly smart.

If you want your home to be set apart from all the others, the voice control you use should be smarter. You shouldn’t have to tell your lights to dim 60 percent. You should just have to mention that it’s too bright.

A smart home that can figure out what you want makes for an easy and fun family gathering.

You won’t even have to plan ahead; just tell it you’re ready for your holiday party and it does the rest.

The lights dim, the windows adjust to the correct tint, your playlist starts filtering through the in-wall speakers.

All you have to do is greet your guests.

That’s the beauty of AI in your smart home. It’s the height of luxury.

If you want to know more about using your home’s technology for easier and more luxurious gatherings, you can start by speaking with your local BRAVAS partner.

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