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Immerse Yourself in These Daring Luxury Pool Design Ideas

Immerse Yourself in These Daring Luxury Pool Design Ideas

Wade into Summer Fun

April showers might bring May flowers, but summertime is all about basking in the sun next to your pool.

Of course, staring at the same outdoor fixtures year after year can get boring. It’s time to upgrade, update and unleash the beauty of your property. And if you’re looking for something modern-yet-classic, a place to take a dip that you’ll never get tired of, you’re going to need some serious luxury.

Here, you’ll find some unreal luxury pool designs that you can enjoy for an unforgettable season.


Infinity Pool

By now, the infinity pool is such a staple of luxury that, at least in areas like Southern California, you can barely picture a high-end home without one. And they’re a staple for a reason: they look absolutely incredible. They create the illusion of going out forever while providing you with an unbroken view of the natural beauty surrounding your property.

For those reasons and more, we recommend upgrading to an infinity pool if you haven’t already.

Beach Entry

For those that can’t get out to the beach every day, a beach entry pool is the perfect way to simulate the sunny days at the ocean. The perimeter of the pool is designed to look like the shoreline – sand, foliage and more. It’s an enjoyable escape without leaving home.

Underwater Sound System

There are few things more relaxing than listening to your favorite music in the comfort of your own home. One of them is listening to high-end audio while you’re lounging in the pool on a hot day. An underwater sound system filters the dulcet tones of your personal Top 40 throughout your swimming space.

You can integrate controls with your indoor audio system so you’ll have access to your own collection and streaming services, making it an essential part of your next pool upgrade.

Hanging Pool

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your high-rise penthouse, you can’t go wrong with a hanging pool. Many hanging pools are both relaxing and thrilling. Owners experience all of the benefits of a regular pool – beautiful lighting, temperature settings and more – while overlooking the city below.

A popular design choice is the glass bottom, which serves as a window to the world beneath your feet.

Negative Edge

Finally, something for those who want to get closer to nature.

In a negative edge pool, you can’t see the pool’s edges as you swim. For high-end homes built right up against the natural surroundings, this means all you see while you’re swimming is the surrounding rock, trees and beauty of the natural spaces.

Want to learn more about how you can customize your warm-weather space? Contact BRAVAS today so we can help make your outdoor spaces the place to be this summer.

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