Give a Spark to Your Outdoor Spaces with Smart Technology

Give a Spark to Your Outdoor Spaces with Smart Technology

Make Your Pool, Patio, and Backyard More Beautiful and Functional

When it comes to your home, the benefits of smart home technology are undeniable. Intuitive control makes it easy to enjoy movies, listen to music, or adjust the climate whether you're in the bedroom, media room or kitchen. But the perks don't have to end there. There are a variety of unique smart home solutions specifically designed for outdoor use. From irrigation systems to pool control, we've highlighted some excellent features that will help you get more out of your outdoor spaces.

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Irrigation System

Your home’s large, luscious backyard may be beautiful to look at, but it’s also a hassle to manage. In the past, many homeowners have used unreliable timers that end up spraying the yard during heavy storms. Now you can incorporate smart irrigation systems that not only let you set specific schedules, but they quickly adjust according to weather conditions, seasons, and the type of soil or vegetation. This will not only lead to a more beautiful yard, but it will also help you conserve water.

Landscape Lighting

Another common challenge in outdoor spaces is finding the right lighting. You need to strike a balance between security, aesthetics, and energy savings. You can adjust lights as needed through a dedicated touchpad or app to find the ideal settings then save it into scenes to pull up at a later time. Line walkways with motion sensors, so they light up as people walk by to reduce tripping hazards. Turn lights on and off according to preset schedules, so you're not using up energy during the daytime when it's not needed.


Your home automation system also makes it easy to take your favorite entertainment outdoors. Install weatherproof speakers and televisions while leaving vulnerable AV components (receivers, cable boxes, etc.) indoors. Then manage everything from a waterproof remote, touchpad, or mobile app. As you relax outside, you can pull up your favorite jazz playlist and enjoy your evening.


You can also take your climate control outdoors in the form of fireplaces or fire pits. From your home automation system, you can adjust the thermostat or flame height. This will help you enjoy a night under the stars even as the temperatures begin to dip in the fall.

Your fire pit could be integrated into one of your smart home system’s “scenes” for entertaining outside. At the push of a button, your outdoor areas will transform with the perfect music, lighting, and ambiance for the occasion.

Pool and Spa Control

Want to take a dip with the family on the weekend? Don't worry about being met with a cold, dirty pool. Through your smart home system, the heater and cleaner can act automatically to create the ideal environment for the family. Enhance pool maintenance with automated programming for pumps and cleaners. Then spice up your pool by adding fountains, lighting, and more. 

Want to find out how you can enhance your outdoor spaces through smart technology? Reach out to your local BRAVAS partner to see which features would make the most sense for your home.

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